The Zen Gen
& Digital Payments.
-Why digital payment adoption among 55-75 year olds matters.

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As the most financially secure generation, baby boomers are one of the most important target for digital payment providers. We set out to investigate why this wealthy age group should be integrated into the world of digital payments, and most importantly, how.

For the past 3 years, we have been deep-diving into the digital habits and behaviours of 55 to 75 year-olds, a generation we have dubbed ‘the Zen Gen’, for their unique approach to digital: relaxed but savvy.

Starting in the depths of the pandemic, we discovered that so-called baby boomers are much more digitally savvy than many people (and brands!) imagine. And the
same is true when it comes to digital finance and payments: they are the generation adopting new forms of payment the fastest.

We ran a survey and qualitative interviews with over 2,000 zenners across seven European markets and found out that, although 99% of them use digital payment technology, there is huge potential in activating this group to adopt a wider variety of payment methods.

But how to achieve that?

We tell you the facts: browse the main insights that will help you understand the Zen Gen.

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    Case study: An inclusive user experience for a financial product.

    A transactional website of one of our clients, a financial services provider, was receiving plenty of visits with long session times, but the conversion rates were low. They asked us to improve its UX design to increase customer acquisition.

    Financial products can be very complex, especially for non digital natives. Therefore, we had to find a way to make the product accessible and user-friendly for users of all ages.

    We found out users were having a hard time understanding the product’s functionalities and features, and often preferred to rely on traditional payment methods instead. Thus, despite expressing great trust in our client’s brand, users were struggling to make the final decision due to the lack of information on the website.

    Moreover, the very modern and minimalist design was hard for zenners to navigate, which left them feeling that the website was designed for a younger generation.

    We redesigned the website with these insights in mind. Our motto, guided by a user-centric vision, was simplicity and proximity, with a focus on informative content. By doing so, we did not only improve the experience of 55 to 75 year olds, but of all users of the site, as it facilitated the processes on a broader scale.

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