Meet the Zen Gen

They may not be ‘digital natives’, but baby boomers and technology are intertwined, they are more digital-savvy and spend more online than you think. This unknown generation are as at ease with tech as they are with themselves. The time has come for you to discover Zen Gen.

Why are baby boomers so often ignored by marketers, particularly online? Even pre-COVID over 55s were spending more than younger generations, and the pandemic has significantly increased their use of online services and eCommerce.

It’s time to reappraise the ‘Zen Gen’. Not digital natives but still the first generation to make widespread use of, and feel at ease with, tech.

We challenge you to forget everything you think you know about baby boomers and technology and to discover the world of the ‘Zen Gen’. Targeting the ‘zenners’ is a huge opportunity for brands, for the D2C businesses, and for those who need to rethink their view of older consumers (so pretty much everyone).

We surveyed 1,500 55 to 75 year-olds and undertook ‘deep-dive’ interviews with over 45 more. Discover the “Zen Gen digital behaviour” report and dive into unexpected insights that will improve how you engage and reach ‘Zen Gen’.

Take a look at the source data via an interactive database to gain deeper insights into the behaviours and attitudes of the Zen Gen.

Our work reaching and engaging the Zen Gen

Launching a direct to consumer business for Nomad and Abbott

Using co-creation to develop and launch a joint venture between two multinational companies

Baby boomers and technology

Alimento is a delivery service providing food and drink for people with swallowing difficulties, a condition known as dysphagia. People who experience dysphagia are often aged in their 50s and above, and often have other health conditions like throat cancer.

Using Good Rebels’ proprietary co-creation methodology, we worked closely with 50 sufferers to develop the business proposition and brand identity. We then successfully launched the business into the UK using our ‘market finder’ process, where we use digital paid media to identify product / market fit and drive fast growth.

We tested over 100 creative variations and placements across AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, achieving a 50x improvement in conversion rates in just 12 weeks.

Achieving a 50x return on investment for Newmarket Holidays

Working with a leading provider of holidays to the over 50s to increase online bookings

Baby boomers and technology

Founded in 1983, Newmarket Holidays is one of the UK’s leading providers of holidays, flights and tours to the over 50s.

Newmarket asked us to generate bookings using Facebook, and to experiment with Instagram to drive brand awareness and generate leads.

Using targeted segmentation, remarketing, native ads and the ad formats that provide the richest experience – video ads and image carousels – we ran a series of highly successful campaigns that have increased sales and data collection.

For every £1 of media we delivered £50 of revenue; we generated qualified email leads at a cost of £1.20 per email.

Confronting a diversity challenge with Age UK

Working with the UK’s largest charity working with and for older people to improve BAME representation

Baby boomers and technology

Age UK set us an incredible challenge. Despite providing life-enhancing services and vital support to people from all backgrounds, the charity struggles to achieve significant engagement with BAME (black, asian and minority ethnic) individuals and communities.

We were asked to use our insights and co-creation methodologies to understand the reasons behind this lack of engagement, and to design solutions to break down barriers and engage BAME communities more directly in the work of the charity.

We delivered a nationwide co-creation project, working with the national charity, local Age UK centres and support workers, and older people from BAME backgrounds, to identify best practice in communications, community engagement and centre design and services.

Our findings, presented at the 2019 national conference, are inspiring improvements in Age UK’s work with diverse communities across the UK.

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