Toyota Europe social media innovation

09 · 01 · 2016

During a 4-year innovation project we transformed the use of social media by Toyota across 31 countries in Europe.
We designed and applied a unique social media model and programme of work to deliver that change.

The model benchmarks performance of Toyota and competitors against 24 criteria, 12 are internal covering areas including headcount, governance, training and insight. The mix of internal and external factors enables an equal focus on the change required to deliver social media at scale while also engaging consumers and influencers.
The project now incorporates marketing, PR, sales, aftersales, customer relations, dealerships, IT and HR. Working together to deliver a connected consumer and employee experience.

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Following the well-trodden path has never interested me. Instead I’m driven by possibilities, and the power of innovative people, brands and technology to change things for the better.I’m proud to have developed intelligence and digital strategy for both leaders and challengers in automotive, finance, travel, pharma and tech.I specialise in research and insight to fully…

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