Join the Rebellion

Are you a leadertarian? A good rebel looking for kindred spirits? Are you part of the solution, not the problem? One of those people who believe that before criticising a client or partner it’s better to walk a mile in their shoes? Join the Rebellion.

What makes a Rebel?


We put people first by showing empathy. We create, design and communicate with the end user in mind.

Digital explorers.

We like to play, discover, learn and share. Technology never ceases to amaze us (and to amuse us).

Rebels and leadertarians.

We don’t like bosses. We think big, we question the status quo, and we apply creativity to push the limits for our clients.


We think, do, measure, pivot (only if necessary ?). In short, we make things happen.

Freedom… and responsability.

We buried the carrot and stick years ago. Intrinsic motivation is our religion, and our rebel culture is the secret weapon.

Open positions.

We are looking for talented, friendly, meticulous and courageous people who bring a je ne sais quoi to our team.

If you don’t find your ideal position and don’t want to miss out on future opportunities, join our community.