It’s the end of HR as we know it, and I feel fine

04 · 04 · 2019

By Carmen Loredo

It’s no coincidence that the transformation of the Human R department has become strategic priority number one in recent years. The implications of digital transformation in the workplace are obvious

Intrapreneurs: virtue of rebellion

27 · 07 · 2017

By David García-Navas

If entrepreneurs are working world rockstars, then what better way is there to renew the pace of an organisation than to have them on the team? Intrapreneurs are those who

The magic (and ROI) of love in the workplace

03 · 07 · 2017

By Fernando Polo

When it comes to management and leadership, I truly believe that the most important question companies will have to consider revolves around how to ignite “intrinsic” motivations to drive their

What skills should a data scientist have?

21 · 03 · 2017

By Rebel Thinking - Guest Author

Contrary to what many people assume, the data scientist is not necessarily a professional with a “numerical” background. While the disciplines most commonly associated with data science like mathematics, statistics,

Goodbye, Human Resources. Hello, employee experience

31 · 05 · 2016

By José Luis Rodríguez

The technological revolution and need to transform the organization into an agile and innovative ecosystem able to connect all its areas of intelligence has put the role of Human Resources

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