Retail, consumer experience design and WhatsApp

24 · 04 · 2016

By Kate Cooper

At Good Rebels, we’ve been using WhatsApp for research, co-design and communication for almost 2 years. Below we explore the enormous value of WhatsApp as a platform for putting the

How Digital is Spain’s Healthcare Industry?

11 · 01 · 2016

By Amelia Hernandez

According to a recent study of the State of Digital Transformation in Spain by Good Rebels, in collaboration with the London School of Economics, and with the support of Brandwatch

Lean Marketing = Real Time Marketing + Agile Development

27 · 05 · 2014

By Fernando Polo

The digital environment is changing the rules of creativity (Article in Spanish). What Toyota introduced to the world of automotive manufacturing has now become the lean mantra for many business

The buying process is a travel network

14 · 10 · 2013

By Fernando Polo

Not so long ago, I talked about the buying process in terms of a funnel, which sometimes responds to the AIDA acronym: Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action. However, the truth is

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