Goodbye, Human Resources. Hello, employee experience

31 · 05 · 2016

By José Luis Rodríguez

The technological revolution and need to transform the organization into an agile and innovative ecosystem able to connect all its areas of intelligence has put the role of Human Resources

And who motivates the leader that has to motivate others?

26 · 05 · 2016

By Alba Burillo

Much of the recommended literature about Management focuses on objective factors associated with a project , such as designing workflows or tasks. In most cases, the most frequently-used focus on

Meet Mad Maxine

12 · 02 · 2016

By Laura Dinneen

This week we launched Mad Maxine, the second study – following on from Dude, Where’s My Car? – from our automotive experience lab, Different Spin. The study shows unequivocally what

Startups: donors of digital transformation

27 · 01 · 2016

By Eleazar Santos

Large companies accelerate their digital transformation through external enterprises. “Seeking a young company with digital DNA and a disruptive business model, to marry a large traditional corporation with a desire

The Necessity for a Code of Conduct 2.0

25 · 05 · 2015

By Manuel Vila

The story goes a little like this…Girl meets Boy. Girl likes Boy. Girl friends Boy on Facebook. Girl sees the profile was created in May 2014. Weird. Obviously Girl does

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