Human centred – HCO

People-centred creativity

The power of people-centred creativity

We are going through a global pandemic. We spent two months locked up at home and another two months living with restrictions. We did not stop baking bread, exercising and…

Towards a new digital humanism

Can product and service design, as well as innovation processes, help bring back humanism through digital spaces? “Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I…

The ROI of Human-centred organisations

The idea of Human-Centred Organisations (HCOs) is nothing new. Three major trends have been converging into it. Firstly, digitalisation empowers individuals to access and share information and organise collectively using…
Digital Transformation

Rebuilding your brand for a human centred world

Creating a brand from scratch is a huge challenge. You start with a basic foundation, and then you’re tasked with building up an entire architecture which encompasses branding, iconography, positioning,…

Human-Centred Organisations

In the beginning, corporations were established for the sole purpose of generating capital. They have since evolved and are now new models more concerned with efficiency, first at the commercial…