Bank to the Future: where we’re going, do we need banks?

17 · 11 · 2016

By Laura Dinneen

A storm is brewing in the banking industry. With changes to banking regulations, advances in technology and global economic shifts, consumer behaviour and expectations of banks have drastically evolved. This

Open Innovation in the age of digitization

20 · 09 · 2016

By Carlos Blanco

Innovation plays an essential part in any successful organization. We don’t need to ask ourselves “why do we innovate;” instead the central question in our day-to-day is “how do we

Goodbye, Human Resources. Hello, employee experience

31 · 05 · 2016

By José Luis Rodríguez

The technological revolution and need to transform the organization into an agile and innovative ecosystem able to connect all its areas of intelligence has put the role of Human Resources

Startups: donors of digital transformation

27 · 01 · 2016

By Eleazar Santos

Large companies accelerate their digital transformation through external enterprises. “Seeking a young company with digital DNA and a disruptive business model, to marry a large traditional corporation with a desire

How Digital is Spain’s Healthcare Industry?

11 · 01 · 2016

By Amelia Hernandez

According to a recent study of the State of Digital Transformation in Spain by Good Rebels, in collaboration with the London School of Economics, and with the support of Brandwatch

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