Marketing Performance – Turning Goals Into Plans

05 · 12 · 2019

By Simon Burslem

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Antoine de Saint-Exupery There’s absolutely nothing wrong with dreaming, but there is a difference between goal setting and reaching that goal.

How data can eliminate your digitisation doubts

03 · 09 · 2019

By Salvador Suárez

A few years ago we made the claim, in our white paper on Data Driven Marketing, that: “a Data Driven culture is not that of a company governed by automation

How to fuse technology with creativity

09 · 05 · 2019

By Alejandro Di Trolio

Post technocreativity The advertising world is undergoing a major revolution. Over the last decade, it’s become apparent that the traditional model of advertising is no longer as effective or credible

Why it’s time to dive into data lakes

11 · 04 · 2019

By Miguel Blanco

The power of data is undeniable. Any business worth their salt has invested in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. These two tools have been the subject of hundreds of articles

Is reach an overrated metric?

28 · 03 · 2019

By Ángel Pino

Reach, impressions, impact – if you work in advertising or communications, you’ll be very familiar with these terms. Around the world, marketing departments have made these terms their mantra; in

Working with Open Data

28 · 09 · 2017

By Sergio Vázquez

Information on economic data, population, lifestyle and demographics… all of which can be found saved within databases… can be consulted by anybody at anytime. What can open data do for

The tourism sector impact of digitalization

24 · 08 · 2017

By Daniel Díez

The tourism sector has undergone a remarkable change due to advances in digitization processes and transformation as a result of these advances. If we focus on the consumer, it is

How technology is transforming the sales process

17 · 08 · 2017

By Óscar Suescun

“Shopping online is now a truly mainstream activity among internet users – 3 in 4 online adults are purchasing products online each month” this compelling statement comes from the latest

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