Engagement & Social.

Creating brand ambassadors

Customer experience continues to gain importance in advertising and marketing. Customers want to feel heard and expect intelligent and honest interactions. Social networks allow the construction of brand values which need to be utilised to forge authentic and positive connections with consumers.

We decode the rules of influence to reach new audiences and increase the customer lifecycle value. We do this by listening to and supporting online communities, defining new loyalty schemes and turning customers into ambassadors.

What we offer:

Some success stories

When we started working with Domino’s in 2019, they gave us the challenge of adapting their tone to a radically different generation target. To succeed among this audience it’s unthinkable to remain silent in the face of current social movements, so the communication strategy and style had to encompass all digital assets reflecting their values and concerns.

Since its arrival in Spain back in 1996, IKEA has earned a place in our hearts and a spot in our homes. But, its competition is growing. In order to increase its presence and its status as a well-loved brand, IKEA gave us an exciting challenge: to build a credible and effective brand advocacy around the brand. We really couldn’t say no.

TheFork, commissioned us to plan an onboarding and subscription process that would optimise the flow of communications throughout the customer journey for all their new registrations, from the moment the lead is captured until they make a reservation. In parallel, we had to develop a recovery plan to revitalise the database of unproductive leads (leads that did not go anywhere).