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Creating brand ambassadors.

Customer experience continues to gain importance in advertising and marketing. Customers want to feel heard and expect intelligent and honest interactions. Social networks allow the construction of brand values which need to be utilised to forge authentic and positive connections with consumers.

We decode the rules of influence to reach new audiences and increase the customer lifecycle value. We do this by listening to and supporting online communities, defining new loyalty schemes and turning customers into ambassadors.


Community Management and Customer Service

We provide first and second level customer care by integrating social platforms into the omni-channel strategy with our proven methodology, crafted over ten years. We automate processes, design chatbots and combine man and machine to excite your customers with real-time authenticity and creativity.

Creativity and Content

We believe in honest creativity that puts the person at the centre of communication. A creativity that transmits human brand values. We build strategies with social content where the community becomes the protagonist. The golden age of advertising is now.

Social Monitoring and Insights

We set up advanced software and retrieve millions of online conversations. We analyse text, voice and images, to identify trends, competitor movements, measuring voice share and reputation. We provide regular reporting insights on which to act for greater marketing ROI.

Influence marketing and PR

We use a methodology that combines software and network analysis to identify real areas of influence to maximise investment. Real influencers are usually not detected at first sight. To put influence to work without surprises or reputation crises, we must investigate and understand it.

CRM and Loyalty

We define buyer personas and specific customer journeys to build processes that ensure an integrated and global vision. Clustering, segmentation and scoring are necessary for the success of a marketing automation project. We integrate CRM solutions and previously unconnected databases and design loyalty programs that reward real and potential customer value (on and offline behaviours).

Employee and customer advocacy

Tools and methodologies to empower employees and customers on social networks and communities.


We generate authentic and long term relationships with your clients.


Brand Ambässadors with the IKEA gene


The customer as the absolute centre of attention

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