Planet of the Apps How messaging apps conquered the world

The way in which users communicate today has changed greatly over the last few years. Closed and customized environments have become the main channel for the majority of users, replacing social media networks and other open channels.

In this context, it is impossible for brands to access the advantages that social networks provide in terms of content distribution, advertising offers or traceability of public conversations. All these aspects are, a priority, difficult to carry out in an environment dominated by the users and with a high level of control on their part. To this should be added the current policies of many messaging applications, which do not consider the opening of services to brands.

However, in the study we can confirm how this situation is undergoing a process of change with new rules of the game that will be set in the short term.

On the one hand, we see how users are receptive to receiving services and notifications from their favorite brands through messaging applications. This is due to the greater ease of using an environment which they are accustomed to, although it is also evident that any approach must be perceived as useful and beneficial to a user who will never accept intrusive or unwanted approaches.

The brands, for their part, have an immense universe to explore. In addition to services such as customer service (already in its incipient phase), there will be others like sales, relational content or advertising platforms or recommendation platforms, as is already happening in some markets such as Asia.

Artificial intelligence and the irruption of chatbots will make this task something scalable in economic terms, automating a process that could be very useful for the user, but with the added challenge of being natural and intuitive for a client accustomed to communicating with real people.

All these factors mean that the companies that own the messaging applications are looking for ways to monetize them beyond the data exchange with other services of their companies, so the policy developed in this sense by the main players will mark the future of the nature of the relationship between companies and brand in this environment.

For this reason, a new universe of possibilities and a challenge is opened up for the different brands, which not only means incorporating dynamics that will be common in the coming years, but also making it a pioneer guarantees the brand an innovative image and, in addition, it can facilitate an incipient leadership that will sustain itself.