Data Driven Marketing: the DNA of customer oriented companies

There are few professions that are currently evolving as quickly as those related to the field of Marketing and Communication, we are working in an environment of disruption and rapid change, with an evermore demanding client and quickly changing habits.

In this context, we have no choice but to develop an always on approach, and ensure that we’re constantly updating our knowledge and skills in disciplines such as analytics, measurement technologies, data flow modeling…etc. in short deepening the complex Data Driven Marketing environment.

Our objective in the development of this white paper is to share our experience in helping large corporations realize a unique vision of a model of obtaining, processing and making data available, oriented to increase their knowledge of the interactions that occur in our digital and non-digital ecosystem, in order to offer their consumers a unified brand experience.

We will also examine the need to establish a culture of data in organizations, based on the data produced through different consumer profiles and a need to understand what drives the customer; what we can do to improve the customer experience both ono and offline, and how we can increase the effectiveness of our performance by obtaining previous analysis of data.

This paradigm shift will allow us to establish new data management and processing processes that will help learn more about the purchasing funnel and the consumer, through the data we obtain from analysis of our own platforms and platforms outside the brand. We will be able to better understand the demand for information, what consumers expect from each platform, and we will be able to improve our value proposition and that, in short, makes up our digital ecosystem – from discovery to activation, from sale to recommendation and retention.