Studies and reviews about innovation and digital marketing.
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    The Zen Gen & Digital Payments.

    As the most financially secure generation, baby boomers are one of the most important target for digital payment providers.
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    Up close and personal: How close-to-consumer is transforming retail.

    Unlike other recent eCommerce trends, the pandemic hasn’t created Close-to-Consumer Commerce (C2CC) but it certainly has supercharged it.
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    The Age of Balance: Understanding the generation that makes wellbeing digital

    The wellness industry is experiencing a digital boom, lead by the generation that have become the big ‘wellness’ spenders of the next decade.
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    Zen Gen II: The power of experience

    Contrary to common belief , baby boomers and technology are intertwined. In the second edition of our Zen Gen research, discover how to win them over by placing their digital experience at the heart of your marketing strategy. 
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    Zen Gen Digital Behaviour

    They may not be ‘digital natives’, but people between 55 and 75 years old are more digital-savvy and spend more online more than you think. The time has come for you to discover the Zen Gen.
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    Introducing the Gen-Narrators

    Millennials will have a bigger impact on the future of media over the next five years than any other demographic group. But a new Economist Group study finds many misconceptions about this group when it comes to their attitudes, media habits and their understanding of the relationship between media and marketing.
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    Product & Marketing Innovation Deep Dive – Dude where’s my car?

    This study collects the results from the revolutionary research project, “Dude, Where’s My Car?” carried out by Good Rebels. This study was conducted to explore how product planners and marketing and communications professionals should work together to develop and monetize products and services that attract future generations of car buyers. The primary findings from this study show that Millennials will not buy cars the way we think.
  • Mad Maxine

    Does Automotive Fail Women? From motor shows to showrooms, the female customer experience is consistently less positive than their male counterparts. The findings of this report claim that women feel disenfranchised by the automotive world, and for those of us who care about cars, we believe it’s time for the car industry to change radically.
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    Bank To The Future

    The iGEN (16-25 year olds) are the financial consumers of the future; by understanding their attitudes, behaviors and pain points, banks (both challenger and traditional) have the best possible lens on where the sector is likely to head.
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    Data Scientists: Who are they? What do they do? How do they work?

    About a decade ago, professionals specialized in the management of large volumes of information started to join the ranks of companies. While data analysis specialists had already existed, they were minor players in the business, both concerning the scope of their investigations and in the transmission of their contributions throughout overall operations.
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    Smart social framework

    In this paper we discuss our own smart social framework and methodologies, the customer life cycle and smart social KPIs. The Smart Services we offer at Good Rebels pushes us, and our clients, to explore new ways of working digitally using social tools and strategies.
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    Human-Centred Organisations

    Human-Centred Organisations prevent shareholders from feeling overwhelmed by structure. They’re obsessed with the journeys taken by their customers, employees, partners, and those taken by “citizens”, and so they’re better able to create shared value for the company shareholders as well as society at large.