Studies and reviews about innovation and digital marketing.

Zen Gen Digital Behaviour

They may not be ‘digital natives’, but people between 55 and 75 years old are more digital-savvy and spend more online more than you think. The time has come for…
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Smart social framework

In this paper we discuss our own smart social framework and methodologies, the customer life cycle and smart social KPIs. The Smart Services we offer at Good Rebels pushes us,…
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Human-Centred Organisations

Human-Centred Organisations prevent shareholders from feeling overwhelmed by structure. They’re obsessed with the journeys taken by their customers, employees, partners, and those taken by “citizens”, and so they’re better able…
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Social Customer Service

Omnichanel excellence depends on the ability to satisfy consumer expectations when and where they need you most. Designing your Social Customer Service strategy depends just as much on culture as…
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Blockchain: building trust

Blockchain, whose origins are blended (and often blurred) with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, is a disruptive technology with the potential to transform how goods and services are exchanged over the internet.
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Bank To The Future

The iGEN (16-25 year olds) are the financial consumers of the future; by understanding their attitudes, behaviors and pain points, banks (both challenger and traditional) have the best possible lens…
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Mad Maxine

Does Automotive Fail Women? From motor shows to showrooms, the female customer experience is consistently less positive than their male counterparts. The findings of this report claim that women feel…
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Introducing the Gen-Narrators

Millennials will have a bigger impact on the future of media over the next five years than any other demographic group. But a new Economist Group study finds many misconceptions…
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