Re-launch your marketing strategy for a COVID-19 world


29 June 2020

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The ‘Re-Launch’ phase and the ‘new abnormal’.

In just a few weeks, marketing has gone from business as usual to shock, teleworking and readjustment generated by COVID-19. We have prepared this document to help Good Rebels’ clients understand what has happened to the consumer during the lockdown, how to deal with the exit from it and to think about the super-digitalization that is coming:

  • The “new normal” will drag on. The de-escalation has already begun but too many unknowns mean a slowed down economy is predicted.
  • New habits that are more digital. Some behaviours will pass but others will not and the use of Internet, mobiles and new devices will greatly increase.
  • An advertising investment revolution. Consumers are happy with advertising, but budgets are shrinking and the mix is turning to digital.
  • Winners and losers. Almost all quarantined campaigns look alike. It’s time to stand out. The crisis brings opportunity on a platter.
  • Re-Invent: experience over advertising. A trend that started 15 years ago and is now accelerating.

Download here: Re-Launch: Roadmap for areas of marketing and communication

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