Planet of the Apps: how messaging apps conquered the earth


26 October 2017

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Mobile applications have been converted in recent years mainly in the form of communication between individuals. The different alternatives available in the market lead the number of downloads in whichever market place and their use is responsible for the majority of time users spend with their phone in hand.

This reality, due to its private character and hyperpersonalised nature, has achieved superiority over other forms, such as social networks, in which the brands have available (and will continue to have) an optimum space for interaction with the user and with a large potential in terms of visibility, business and information.

In this new context, brands face the challenge of incorporating the messenger application channels within their daily activity, something that could be viewed optimistically before the different initiatives and policy change carried out by the main developers of the applications.

In order to analyze these possibilities and fully understand the demand of users of services offered by applications from Rebel Thinking, we have carried out the study “Planet of the Apps: how messaging apps conquered the earth”.

In it, we try to answer this question to define the possible future framework of interaction between brands and users, the receptibility and tolerance of users towards the brand, and full understanding of the changes and possibilities that the developers hope for.

We started this all from a qualitative study carried out with different users, just like from the case studies and real experiences where we can analyze the initiatives carried out and learn key lessons from.

The main conclusion that we obtained is the next generalization and proliferation of initiatives in this environment, highlighting the distinguishing moment in front of us, in which the first to move and become references in this channel make it easier to maintain their leadership in the future.

Other conclusions that we obtained are the following:

  • Messenger apps are the leading digital platforms for users in terms of time spent, and they are broadly accepted among all kind of users.
  • The degree to which users allow brands into their private space is dependent on the value proposition. Generic and intrusive communications are not welcome.
  • Users are willing to use messenger apps as a platform to receive new services from brands. Furthermore, they perceive brands that develop new services through messenger apps as innovative and friendlier.
  • Messenger apps are an ideal channel in which to develop a new way of interacting with your customers. Services such as customer support, sales or commercial information can be delivered in a more user-friendly way and with immediate advantages in terms of effectiveness and costs.
  • The success of all these initiatives are dependant on the policies applied by app developers, divided between gaining user loyalty and monetisation.
  • Artificial Intelligence is a big ally for brands as it combines lower operational costs with the ability to understand and offer users personalised proposals.

We invite you to download the study here.