Pepe Jeans #CustomStudio: connecting stories with business

María Novillo

11 July 2019

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Increasingly, consumers are looking to personalise their shopping experience and customise the products they purchase. It’s one of the biggest challenges facing the retail industry today.

Iconic denim brand Pepe Jeans are known for constantly reinventing themselves in order to keep up with modern day trends. They took this commitment to innovation one step further with the launch of the Pepe Jeans #CustomStudio, a service that offers customers the opportunity to customise their Pepe Jean purchases through a series of exclusive designs created by their Custom Artist.

Pepe Jeans was looking for a way to ensure greater visibility around this innovative consumer customisation solution, while generating traffic to their network of European stores. To achieve this ambitious goal, it was clear to us at Good Rebels that we needed to be both bold and creative, whilst also having an in depth understanding of consumer behaviour. Intrigued? Read on. 

#Custom Studio: the Instagram campaign

Pepe Jeans has always focused on creating unique experiences for their customers, so a campaign that bridged between the option to customise already available to buyers and the boundless creativity of the Millennial and Gen Z generations, made perfect sense. However, we wanted to do more than just strengthen the relationship with the consumer, we wanted Pepe Jeans customers to truly understand and engage with the brand. 

That’s why we chose to host our campaign on Instagram – IG stories to be precise. Our goal was to ensure that any content generated through the campaign would outlive a 15-second story and form part of a unique collection created by fans and curated by Pepe Jeans. This was a real challenge, both technologically and conceptually. It was the first time that a brand brought IG stories to life in real time. 

There were a number of different reasons we chose to host our campaign on Instagram: 

  • Instagram provides us with interactive tools like surveys, open-ended questions, polls, etc. 
  • Instagram allows a more personal approach to design and personalisation 
  • It’s a platform that appeals to a younger audience 
  • Instagram allows us to incentivise customers and promote collaboration in a way that is less aggressive (this was reflected in the high level of participation within the first 24 hours of the campaign going live) 

From there, we got to work. In order to lend these aspiring designers a helping hand, we created more than fifteen Pepe Jeans stickers designed to look like different fabrics, buttons, logos and illustrations. We gave customers the choice of two iconic Pepe Jeans garments; a denim jacket or a pair of jeans. Customers were given free reign to create whatever design they wanted – all they had to do was take a screenshot of either the jeans or the jacket and get creating. 

The customer was the artist and the stickers were the tools they used to create their masterpieces. Pepe Jeans customers could custom design their own clothing from their house, the underground, the swimming pool or a family dinner. All they needed was a smartphone. 

We engaged with customers all around the world – from Berlin to Madrid, Amsterdam, London, Paris and Barcelona. In each of these major cities we took the customer experience to the next level through Custom Studio events – where winners could take a look behind the scenes and have expert in-house designers bring their designs to life. 

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The campaign generated around 176,000 impressions per day. During the first 48 hours, more than 174,000 users were impacted by the campaign, the stickers we developed received a total of 4.4 million views, and the number of customised garments gew by 60% over the course of the campaign.

In the words of Sergio Rueda, Custom Studio Manager at Pepe Jeans, “Translating the process in which a customer designs and customises their denim garment to the online world has always proven to be the only handicap of the service. To have eliminated that barrier in such a creative way and in the most natural environment for our target audience has ensured a double win.”

And if that wasn’t enough – the campaign won the Silver Sun in 2019. Sounds like a win to us.