Meet Mad Maxine


12 February 2016

This week we launched Mad Maxine, the second study – following on from Dude, Where’s My Car? – from our automotive experience lab, Different Spin.

The study shows unequivocally what we think the industry has known instinctively for some time; women feel disenfranchised by automotive.

The picture is a nuanced one. There are elements of the experience that delight and dismay the female consumer in equal measure.

Parts of the consumer experience are so broken that they are tarnishing the entire female perception and experience of the industry. Marketing, dealership and service experiences are disproportionately exasperating and are driving a wedge between women and automotive as a whole:

  • 90% of the female consumers surveyed would not visit a car dealership without a male partner, family member or friend
  • 56% said they felt patronised by car advertising
  • 34% believe that no car brand understands women

Some of the stories shared by the members of our experience lab will make you chuckle, some will make you wince and some will make you downright angry.

The full report here.