Lean Marketing = Real Time Marketing + Agile Development

Fernando Polo

27 May 2014

The digital environment is changing the rules of creativity (Article in Spanish). What Toyota introduced to the world of automotive manufacturing has now become the lean mantra for many business management environments, and is also applicable to the fields of Marketing and Creative Advertising. Lean Marketing is a combination of Real-time Marketing and Agile Development – it is a new methodology to equip work teams with the tools and methodologies required for listening, as well as with the ability to develop – within hours or days – creative campaigns that emphasize the present, and to seek out the community’s support for proposed actions.

I participated in the SoLoMo Summit, to explain Territorio creativo’s vision in anticipation of this new reality of the social and real-time web:

Don’t create multi-million dollar campaigns. You have to think big, start small, efficient, and test it. The Real Time & Social Web is the best advertising lab one could ever imagine.
So give autonomy to your creative team. Don’t create committees, procedures, workflows. Inspire your team, give them the vision, the goals, agree on the kpis, … and let them play.

Here, you have the complete presentation – along with the script of the chat, in order to follow it from Slideshare.