Hello, Rebel Thinker

Fernando Polo

16 January 2017

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If you are receiving this article via email, at some point in time you decided to subscribe to TcBlog, which died yesterday. We invite you to stay tuned to a new concept, where we’ll talk about the future of organisations in a world more Powered by People than ever. Where we, individuals, have greater control and access to technology and information. A world where organisations strive to quickly innovate at a frenetic rate, adopting a “digital mindset” to become more human-centred and focus on three journeys: their customers’, their co-workers’, and that of citizens in general.. Getting rid of bureaucracy and internal politics, becoming much more agile in front of multiple threats of disruption from startups and technology.

Today, Rebel Thinking is born. We hope that you like our editorial proposition. It’ll combine thorough articles with deeper research and longer papers (what we call Rebel Thinking Units) on the topics that are or will be shaping the business agenda: marketing, customer experience, digital transformation, agile leadership, technology. We’ll also explore new formats to connect with your busy minds.

We are Good Rebels. We work at the intersection of people, brands and technology, helping our clients put people first and become more competitive. We are powered by 130 Rebels working from 6 offices in the UK, Europe and Latin America. Our work currently spans over 60 clients across 9 countries

To give you a taste of what to expect, we published the first Rebel Thinking Unit back in November and their expectations from the banking industry. We’ll keep on posting some pieces of this research in the following weeks.

A white paper about the role of data scientists will be published shortly. We’ve interviewed more than 20 specialists that have shared with us their views on why advanced data analytics has become a mission-critical discipline to stay ahead of competitors and how to integrate the Data Scientist role inside organisations.

Early March, we’ll release a tech trend analysis about how the Blockchain – the technology sustaining Bitcoin-, DApps and smart contracts will change the way we build trust and create distributed and decentralised markets.

And a forthcoming Rebel Thinking Unit will revolve around Data Driven Marketing explaining our framework to agilely implement real time data marts and micros services upon state-of-the-art open source software to help organisations optimise the performance of their marketing and sales initiatives: call center conversion, attribution models, Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI), …

We plan to produce a paper about Human Centred Organisations (Good Rebels’ calling) and three journeys to care about: Consumers, Co-Workers and Citizens. And there’ll be also a Unit about what’s next for Social Customer Support along with our framework and several cases studies. And so forth.

If you join us on this journey we hope to exceed your expectations, with lots of thought-provoking questions, and maybe a few answers, too.

Long Live Rebel Thinking!


Fernando & Juan Luis Polo