The era of Leadertarians: making things happen

Juan Luis Polo

16 January 2016

In October 2009, a project in complete deadlock made us bow before a client. After the 2008 crisis, we found ourselves on the brink of ruin – we couldn’t pay salaries, the team was collapsing. And to top it all off, a project that we had been deeply embroiled in, fell apart, leaving us with a terrible aftertaste – it was something a lot like the end of an era. That day, sometime in the afternoon, almost with tears in our eyes, the three Polo siblings made a decision: this should never happen again.

Today, “#Leadertarians: creating ‘intrapreneurs’ in the digital era” hits libraries all over Spain. In this new book, we present a vision, as particular as it is biased, about how technology affects, in this uncontrollable 21st century, human relationships and our methods of social organization. And, we put forth a sense of how we think that businesses could be organized, to approach this new reality.

In #Leadertarians, we talk a lot about our experiences, and we detail many of the actions that we have implemented to move forward with our decision not to give in to the descent. From that day, we began to work on revising our values and principles, not just to fix them, but to seek ways to meet them to the letter. Almost without even knowing it, also on that day, we had begun refining the tecerian culture of the new era. Since then, we have debated, defined, written, narrated, visualized. Now, in addition, we have written a book in which our culture and our principles have become the protagonists.

We hope that you like it and that you find it useful; we also hope that Planeta sells loads of books, because we are especially grateful for the very special way that Roger, Sira and the rest of the team believed in us.

And of course, we are grateful to our colleagues and partners, our tecerians, for their affection, for their excellent and inspiring work, and for the confidence to have come this far with us. By showing us the way, we have become, without realizing it, a magnificent group of #Leadertarians.


Fernando & Juan Luis Polo.