Cultivating success: the art of Content Seeding

Joana M. Borràs

23 May 2024

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Just when you thought there were no more terms to add to your digital marketing dictionary, a new one emerges: content seeding. In the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of marketing, we are now also digital gardeners. Here, we explain how incorporating this tactic into your brand strategy can help you elevate your narrative.

Let’s start from the beginning: what is content seeding? Similar to the process of planting seeds in a garden, content seeding involves spreading a brand’s content (our seeds) across various platforms (our garden) to maximise their reach and impact.

But this strategy is much more than simply distributing content across multiple channels. It is a methodical strategy that involves planning, adapting, and distributing high-quality content in a variety of formats and channels to reach the largest possible audience with a coherent and consistent brand message. 

But why is this approach important? Unlike traditional media, only social media can broadcast multiple messages in different formats in a short period of time. Social media stands out from other channels due to its unique ability to:

  • Maintain and expand a message over time.
  • Foster user engagement through two-way communication.

In an environment where capturing user attention and reaching the right audience is increasingly difficult, our social media strategy should not be based on a one-shot approach, hoping a single piece of content goes viral. Instead, we should focus on deepening the brand narrative and building relationships with our target audience. 

This is where content seeding makes a difference, by focusing on quality over quantity. Rather than flooding channels with scattered, unrelated content, this strategy focuses on developing a single solid piece of content and then carefully adapting it for each relevant channel and format for our audience. This not only ensures consistency in the message but also optimises the reach and resonance of the content.

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Content Seeding in a Domino’s Pizza Campaign: ‘Roll Roulette’ | Good Rebels

Advantages of Content Seeding

As Seán Earley describes in one of his micro-lessons for the Digital Marketing Institute, the advantages of relying on this strategy are very clear:

  1. Greater Reach: What’s the point of creating excellent content if few people see it? By spreading content across multiple platforms, the brand’s reach is expanded, allowing it to reach wider audiences, something which cannot be achieved through traditional media.
  2. Brand Relevance and Recognition:  By distributing relevant content on the right channels (places the brand’s target audience frequently visits), the chances of building brand recognition increase exponentially.
  3. Improved SEO and Web Traffic: By implementing content seeding, brands not only share valuable content across various channels but also generate links and mentions on different digital platforms. This positively contributes to SEO by increasing the visibility and authority of the brand’s website. The more content is shared and interacted with, the more likely it is that the brand’s website will appear in top search results, thereby increasing organic traffic.
  4. Generates Sales Opportunities and Conversions: By distributing content that resonates and is located where the brand’s audience is, not only does visibility and brand awareness increase, but user engagement and, ultimately, conversions also rise.

Our Vision: How Can AI Enhance Content Seeding?

Although AI allows brands to generate massive amounts of content (it has never been easier to create content at scale), this can result in the production of undifferentiated content. To combat this saturation, content seeding can be an important tool, enabling the creation of quality content and its effective adaptation to each platform.

Good Rebels’ winning formula is based on two key pillars: continuing to put our human efforts into the ideation and conceptualisation of content to maintain a genuine connection with our audience, and using AI for content adaptation. In this way, we combine human creativity and strategic focus with the efficiency and precision of technology, achieving more effective and authentic communication.

AI Tools to Optimise Your Content Seeding

With the power of Artificial Intelligence on our side, we can not only focus on creating quality, original, and relevant content but also adapt it with surgical precision to each platform. Here are our favourite AI tools for content adaptation so you can devote your efforts to ideating and conceptualising a single quality piece of content and have a “new assistant” to adapt it to the chosen channels.

  • Jasper AI originated as a writing tool focused on content creation for digital publications. One of its main features is templates that allow you to adapt text and tone to each platform and format. The latest advancements in Jasper AI focus on using artificial intelligence to analyse social media and e-commerce data and propose 100% strategy-aligned content. Based on this data, Jasper AI can generate targeted content, identify potential influencers, and track real-time ROI of the brand’s marketing strategies.
  • OpusClip is a tool for adapting video content. It can identify standout moments and convert them into short clips tailored to prevalent formats on social media. Its learning base is fed by the latest trends in social media and marketing, so OpusClip has a deep understanding of each video, proposing the clips that will perform best and providing a rating for the type of video. It also adds dynamic automatic subtitles, reorganises content with artificial intelligence, creates smooth transitions, identifies speakers, and includes AI-generated B-roll.
  • ElevenLabs: ElevenLabs is an online AI voice generator that uses AI technologies to generate realistic audio content, offering features like advanced voice cloning and unique voice generation. This tool is especially useful for adapting content to different channels. It can transform written articles into podcasts, create audiobooks from blogs, and even generate personalised voices for social media content. This helps the message resonate better with the audience. Additionally, voice cloning capability allows brands to maintain a consistent voice and tone across all their content, ensuring a uniform user experience on each platform.

By using tools like,, and ElevenLabs, you can forget about the arduous task of content adaptation and focus on what really matters: ideating and creating standout content that genuinely connects with your audience, thus ensuring that your brand’s message resonates and reaches its maximum potential. It’s time to sow success and reap the benefits of an authentic and effective content strategy, enhanced by Artificial Intelligence. Are you ready?