CRO and the bottom end of the funnel: Estudio34 joins the Rebellion

Fernando Polo

23 November 2022

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When we announced 10 months ago that Aukera, one of the best independent web analytics companies in Spain, was joining forces with Good Rebels we anticipated that this move would be another one of many to come. Our inorganic growth strategy was unleashed when we realised that social business wasn’t becoming the niche we thought it would be, thus we decided to change gears to become the 360º digital partner of choice of our clients. This turnaround set off with the acquisitions of Muskae and Kanvas.

Today, we are unveiling the integration of Estudio34, a performance based agency headquartered in Barcelona. Their SEO and PPC services will definitely strengthen our capabilities in the bottom end of the funnel, putting us in a spot that very few digital agencies can claim today: a powerful digital skillset with a best-in-class creative muscle. The borders between on and off are more blurred than ever.

SEO, SEM and more … Barcelona based.

Good Rebels sustains its services on 4 pillars: data, design, creativity and technology. But having grown with the social media wave, our strengths sat higher in the funnel —branding, awareness, engagement— and fell shorter addressing the last click, as things move closer to the moment of truth of conversion and sales. 

Some months ago, we met Estudio34, a SEO and SEM agency founded eight years ago by Ugo Smith and Will Renedo in Barcelona. They had a clear determination to find the right partners to move their company to the next stage. And as we explained then, we were craving to find new partners, with a global mindset and the will to ensure long term continuity of Good Rebels As the months passed and the conversations got deeper we got impressed by their track record working with companies like Pronovias, Engel & Volkers, Lidl, General Óptica and many others. Their leadership and agency management capabilities, along with the commitment of an amazing team of more than 20 professionals and the quality of their methodologies has made them approach the 1.5 million eur turnover mark in 2022 which will put the total turnover of the group at 10 million eur.

The use of agile methodologies and CRO (Conversion rate optimisation) tactics have become pervasive and are now key to addressing the threat of digital players trying to steal market share from established companies. The integration with Estudio34 will enable Good Rebels’ clients to address the full funnel, starting with the strategy and branding initiatives that go all the way down to the final question: how do we optimise our investment so that every euro delivers better sales, more loyal clients and stronger profits? How do we improve data capture and analysis along the touchpoints of the digital consumer journey?

A truly CRO partner for our clients, with top end of the funnel capabilities

The integration of Muskae (UX/UI), Aukera (web analytics) and Estudio34 (SEO and PPC) along with our content capabilities will make Good Rebels a strong contender in the CRO arena. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) has gained relevance in the last few years as a technique to enhance digital assets and make the most of content creation, media buying and lead conversion into sales. An iterative process that involves multiple areas of expertise like content management, digital copywriting, media buying and search engine optimisation, interface design (UX/UI) and analytics. Lots of analytics. 

Digital startups usually integrate these areas of expertise in house but many corporate clients have only started to realise the importance of CRO, and have a hard time to hire such diverse skills under one roof, or find the partners with truly integrated capabilities. Conversion rate optimization results in highly-qualified leads, increased revenue, and lower acquisition costs and Good Rebels is now better prepared to deliver results.

But it’s not just CRO. Finding a digital partner with top end and bottom end of the funnel integration is not easy nowadays. SEM/SEO agencies or web design consultancies hardly offer branding or creative advertising capabilities. Good Rebels took the social media wave and built a powerful team of copywriters, art directors, content and community managers. Now we have integrated design-and-build expertise, along with analytics, SEO and media buying.

You can now hire Good Rebels to build the brand behind an amazing new eCommerce project, to boost the creativity behind an iconic brand or to increase online sales with the same level of traffic.

Digital customer journeys have become increasingly hectic. Understanding what makes your customers tick, learning how to inspire them and attract them in early stages while building attribution models that link the top with the bottom end of your marketing funnel is a must. Some companies decide to work with specialised partners but the amount of coordination and data integration this strategy requires makes it less efficient than ever. The market requires integrated partners and that’s why we’ve kept busy building an amazing, truly multidisciplinary team with a culture of service and a rebellious spirit.

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Bring on 2023!

2022 started high on covid omicron, but we all forgot it as soon as Russia invaded Ucrania, energy prices went through the roof, supply chain disruptions became pervasive and inflation stubbornly stuck in Western countries. The economic outlook for 2023 is bad but we are ready to face the headwinds, helping our clients achieve sustainable business results in uncertain times all while inspiring them to keep pushing and be more human-centred.

The final days of the year we keep busy with black friday and Christmas campaigns, celebrating our 25th anniversary, inaugurating our new Rebel House in Madrid, planning the launch of a company wide OKR program… But most of all, we are working hard to welcome Estudio34.

Benvinguts to the (all new) Rebellion!