Agile organizations: the winners in the data world

16 · 10 · 2017

By Rebel Thinking - Guest Author

It was Herbert D. Benington who, in 1956, spoke in a symposium about a new methodology for programming digital systems that years later would be called “cascading”. Over time, and

Working with Open Data

28 · 09 · 2017

By Sergio Vázquez

Information on economic data, population, lifestyle and demographics… all of which can be found saved within databases… can be consulted by anybody at anytime. What can open data do for

Brand activism, business and social commitment

21 · 09 · 2017

By Alfredo de Paz

Over the last few years we have witnessed some brands use, to varying degrees of success, different communication and marketing tools to position themselves around political or social topics that

The tourism sector impact of digitalization

24 · 08 · 2017

By Daniel Díez

The tourism sector has undergone a remarkable change due to advances in digitization processes and transformation as a result of these advances. If we focus on the consumer, it is

How technology is transforming the sales process

17 · 08 · 2017

By Óscar Suescun

“Shopping online is now a truly mainstream activity among internet users – 3 in 4 online adults are purchasing products online each month” this compelling statement comes from the latest

Automotive and women: Mad Maxine Study

03 · 08 · 2017

By Rebel Thinking - Guest Author

Automotive is a man’s world, at least that’s we’ve been led to believe. But, when it comes to the use, purchase and enjoyment of cars by women, what is the

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