Could Blockchain help solve the fake news crisis?

12 · 04 · 2018

By Pedro Jesús González

Blockchain is a technology poised to transform the way in which goods and services are exchanged over the internet. Last Summer, we produced a study which analysed the different business

Why social justice needs to be on every CEOs agenda.

22 · 03 · 2018

By Rebel Thinking - Guest Author

Human centred organisations and the digital revolution go hand-in-hand; only a commitment to digital transformation can fully prepare organisations to compete within an increasingly digitised environment. Human centred organisations prevent

Retail isn’t dead it has become digital

15 · 03 · 2018

By Salvador Suárez

Retail is dead, long live retail   Right now, we are in the middle of a retail revolution. Across Europe and the US, traditional brick-and-mortar stores are closing down at

Human-Centred Organisations

12 · 02 · 2018

By Rebel Thinking - Guest Author

In the beginning, corporations were established for the sole purpose of generating capital. They have since evolved and are now new models more concerned with efficiency, first at the commercial

Why your social customer care needs to evolve

01 · 02 · 2018

By Amelia Hernandez

How does Social customer care fit in within your brand’s digital transformation program? With the experience we’ve gained over the past 9 years in over 300 social media related projects

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