Digital Transformation excellence in travel

10 · 09 · 2019

By Kevin Sigliano

Travel went digital first a long time ago – it’s a sector that looks set to bring in over $800 billion in revenue by 2020 according to the 2018 PhocusWire

How data can eliminate your digitisation doubts

03 · 09 · 2019

By Salvador Suárez

A few years ago we made the claim, in our white paper on Data Driven Marketing, that: “a Data Driven culture is not that of a company governed by automation

What’s next for Social Listening?

01 · 08 · 2019

By Eleazar Santos

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has certainly made things a little more complicated when it comes to monitoring online conversations. Users are becoming increasingly concerned with protecting their privacy online and

The rise of the credit challengers

29 · 07 · 2019

By Mark Ralphs

Young people’s changing relationship with credit and with credit card companies In the UK, consumer debt is on the rise and yet younger generations are less interested in established credit

Social Media and its real impact on business

19 · 07 · 2019

By Judit Esquivel

Social media has been a subject of controversy ever since it first appeared in 1997, long before Facebook was born. Remember Six Degrees or Friendster? They are just a couple

Pepe Jeans #CustomStudio: connecting stories with business

11 · 07 · 2019

By María Novillo

Increasingly, consumers are looking to personalise their shopping experience and customise the products they purchase. It’s one of the biggest challenges facing the retail industry today. Iconic denim brand Pepe

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24 · 06 · 2019

By Juan Pablo Rubio

Some truths about IA for content marketing. One of the biggest fears surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) is that it’s going to put us all out of a job. To be

How to fuse technology with creativity

09 · 05 · 2019

By Alejandro Di Trolio

Post technocreativity The advertising world is undergoing a major revolution. Over the last decade, it’s become apparent that the traditional model of advertising is no longer as effective or credible

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