Salvador Suárez


I have been working in the internet industry for 16 years, with expertise in business consultancy and digital data marketing. I’m a teacher at the ISDI Business School and IE Business School in Spain and México, and it's also a pleasure to be an advisor and an investor to several startups and to mentor at the IMPACT Accelerator. The last seven years I've been working at Good Rebels, with a special focus on becoming a global organisation and helping big companies in Europe and Latam with their digital transformation strategy.

How data can eliminate your digitisation doubts

09 · 03 · 19

Salvador Suárez

A few years ago we made the claim, in our white paper on Data Driven Marketing, that: “a Data Driven culture is not that of a company governed by automation

Why you should be nervous if you work in advertising

09 · 07 · 18

Salvador Suárez

A long time ago, I read an HBR article (“Meet Your New Employee”, June 2015) that predicted the human resources department would soon be made obsolete thanks to new technologies.

Retail isn’t dead, it’s digital

03 · 15 · 18

Salvador Suárez

Retail is dead, long live retail   Right now, we are in the middle of a retail revolution. Across Europe and the US, traditional brick-and-mortar stores are closing down at