Raúl del Cuadro


Doer-thinker by mind and creative by heart. An advertising-consulting individual looking for new experiences every day. I spend time at GR and BMags, a digital media group founded by my crew. At school, I used Messenger buzz and MSN group pages. At high-school, I was gold on Fotolog. At college, I was introduced to the Tuenti pose. And now, I post on Instagram to make you jealous. Always disruptive, always digital, always Rebellious. You know me as the guy who doesn't smile in photos.


Ok Google, what should we expect from digital in 2019?

01 · 04 · 19

Raúl del Cuadro

Your fridge updating your grocery list for you, asking your robotic assistant to buy you some new batteries, inescapable ads infiltrating your messaging apps – this is all beginning to

Why Smart Social eats digital strategy for breakfast

06 · 08 · 18

Raúl del Cuadro

Work smarter, not harder At Good Rebels, we’re proud to be social. Given the current climate, some may view a public proclamation of our love for social media as controversial.