Pedro Jesús González

Specialised in Digital Consultancy, Marketing and Paid Media. I am particularly interested in how business development can come from the hands of technology and how users are related in all of this. As well as spending years fighting the rebellion at Good Rebels, I've worked with elderly people as an entertainer. Taught children, as well as people with disabilities. Travelled to well over 50 countries spanning all 5 continents. Been a blood donor. A tutor. A partner of a home automation company. Participated in and won television game shows. And... I think I've covered enough?

How to thrive in the land of the tech giants

08 · 23 · 18

Pedro Jesús González

Seven years ago (I can’t believe it either) I shared a post on Rebel Thinking that laid out my vision for the aggregated TIME macro-sector. In case you’re wondering, TIME

Could Blockchain help solve the fake news crisis?

04 · 12 · 18

Pedro Jesús González

Blockchain is a technology poised to transform the way in which goods and services are exchanged over the internet. Last Summer, we produced a study which analysed the different business