Mark Ralphs

18 years experience challenging ambitious brands to be bolder in their use of digital and social media.

I have had a rich career: leading agencies and teams; advising founders, boards and government ministers; launching brands and digital businesses; strategy and planning; producing award-winning campaigns, apps and websites.

I am now a partner at Good Rebels where I lead teams in the UK and internationally, work with global clients on digital marketing, innovation and transformation strategy, and sit on the board that manages Good Rebels across Europe and Latin America.

Don’t wait, co-create

10 · 10 · 19

Mark Ralphs

Large companies move slowly. Scale, once a competitive edge, is now a liability.  This is apparent in the development of new products, services and customer experiences. Challenger brands, free of

The rise of the credit challengers

07 · 29 · 19

Mark Ralphs

Young people’s changing relationship with credit and with credit card companies In the UK, consumer debt is on the rise and yet younger generations are less interested in established credit

Why beauty brands are in need of a serious makeover

02 · 01 · 19

Mark Ralphs & Ellen Thomas

The cosmetics industry has been forced to adapt to a world in which customers are turning their backs on the channels beauty brands have relied upon in the past to

Is outrage a legitimate marketing strategy?

09 · 17 · 18

Mark Ralphs

We live in the age of outrage, an age where the echo chamber of social media will quickly turn a poorly judged comment into a social media backlash. Nowhere is this

Why crowdsourcing should be part of your creative strategy

05 · 03 · 18

Mark Ralphs & Ellen Thomas

Defining crowdsourcing Crowdsourcing is a bit like outsourcing, except instead of handing over control to another organisational entity, you’re relying on members of the public to innovate, gather information or

2018: Maybe and then again Maybe Not

11 · 30 · 17

Mark Ralphs

As I sit, next to a roaring fire, in my favourite slippers, sipping a warming eggnog, my thoughts turn to that most welcome of seasonal traditions, the 2018 predictions list.

Dark social and the search for relevance

05 · 18 · 17

Mark Ralphs & Joel Calafell

The social web is changing. It is moving from the light into the darkness. Sounds ominous, but perhaps only for conservative marketers. Dark social is neatly summarised by Kristina Dimitrova

Sprint, digital product co-creation

01 · 09 · 17

Mark Ralphs

Back in 2013 we worked with a FTSE 100 financial services company that faced significant challenges: Culture / conservatism / working in silos Technology / restrictions / IT risk management

The original Good Rebel

02 · 12 · 16

Mark Ralphs

I was asked who inspired me to be a Good Rebel. There are a number of people, but one stands out. A conversation with a distant relative reminded me that