Joel Calafell


I think I was always born a Rebel. Following the status quo was never my thing. That could explain why I found myself working with Content, Branding & Digital Strategy: because you can’t really be like the rest. 'Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”. I have more than 5 years experience helping brands stand out. I travel around the world, missing the occasional flight, that should tell you more about me. Happy Catalan living in Madrid.

Brand Ambässadors with the IKEA Gen

10 · 25 · 19

Joel Calafell, Irina Alegre & Marta Bernabé Espiga

Challenge IKEA challenged us to increase their perception as a ‘Loved Brand’, enhance their credibility and create brand advocacy through a team of carefully selected brand ambassadors.  Approach IKEA’s main

Why brand advocacy begins with your co-workers

12 · 05 · 18

Joel Calafell

It’s no secret – many brands are in the middle of a credibility crisis. Brands are beginning to set themselves new objectives around brand positioning, often led by departments far

Dark social and the search for relevance

05 · 18 · 17

Mark Ralphs & Joel Calafell

The social web is changing. It is moving from the light into the darkness. Sounds ominous, but perhaps only for conservative marketers. Dark social is neatly summarised by Kristina Dimitrova