Ellen Thomas

I graduated University with a degree in History of Art looking for some work experience in the field of digital marketing. Working at Good Rebels I've done a bit of copy, a bit of research, a little bit a creative and a whole lot of social media marketing. I've loved the variety! I also like Pinterest, Gilmore Girls and snowboarding.

Why beauty brands are in need of a serious makeover

02 · 01 · 19

Mark Ralphs & Ellen Thomas

The cosmetics industry has been forced to adapt to a world in which customers are turning their backs on the channels beauty brands have relied upon in the past to

The Rebel guide to crushing corporate culture

10 · 25 · 18

Ellen Thomas

Get a job with Google and you’ll be working for the happiest corporation in the world. Walk into an interview with Zappos dressed in “business casual” and you’ll be leaving

Why crowdsourcing should be part of your creative strategy

05 · 03 · 18

Mark Ralphs & Ellen Thomas

Defining crowdsourcing Crowdsourcing is a bit like outsourcing, except instead of handing over control to another organisational entity, you’re relying on members of the public to innovate, gather information or

Understanding the multibillion-dollar eSports ecosystem

03 · 01 · 18

Ellen Thomas

eSports is a misunderstood industry. Brands have long underestimated its enormous potential for growth, and members of the community have continued to undersell their own value. It’s a rapidly growing