Yelmo: generating a new line of income from an eCommerce platform



Starting point

The need to increase revenue and deseasonalising ticket sales while maintaining brand and product value.


Building an eCommerce platform and recruitment campaign for the sale of tickets in the form of codes interchangeable by tickets.

What we did

User Experience

The influx into the cinemas follows a clearly seasonal dynamic: the big premieres (and with them, the full theatres) are concentrated in the holiday periods – Christmas, Easter and the summer months. Between these peaks, attendance at theatres declines, generally presenting more empty seats than occupied ones.

The Yelmo cinema chain, which in Spain has more than 500 cinemas in 22 provinces, set itself the challenge of breaking this dynamic, looking for a way to minimise this seasonal behaviour. To this end, we designed an eCommerce platform together with the Hazte un cine campaign, with the aim of encouraging attendance at cinemas during traditionally low consumption periods.

Development of our own eCommerce platform

We propose to carry out the sale of tickets promoted through an eCommerce platform proposed as a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with full functionality. This means that it would operate in a parallel and independent way to Yelmo’s online sales channels, but without integrating with ERP or other company systems.

The platform was developed on WordPress under a separate domain, using the WooCommerce extension as the eCommerce solution. A widely accepted standard that guarantees robustness, scalability in sales and traffic and multiple functionalities, mainly payment gateway, customer area (user registration and personal data query), integration with Google Analytics and SEO optimisation.

The platform brought commercial flexibility to the company, adding a new revenue stream to Yelmo’s digital sales.

A minimum viable product to test a new way to sell tickets: advance discounted purchase for later consumption.

“Hazte un cine” (go to the movies): recruitment and conversion campaign

The campaign was launched during the week of Black Friday in 2019. Once registered on the landing page we developed specifically, users could buy up to ten codes at a price of 4 euros each. The codes would then be exchanged for tickets to screenings at any of the Yelmo chain venues (except the luxury venues) between January 7 and March 26, 2020.

The campaign was promoted through Yelmo’s customer database, social network advertising and Google Adwords, with segmented and personalised messages based on audience, location and contact phase. We quickly saw how most of the conversions took place on Instagram, so the actions were concentrated on what can undoubtedly be considered the most powerful and active social network in Spain.

The campaign was a resounding success and far exceeded Yelmo’s expectations. We tripled the number of codes that Yelmo expected to sell and doubled the expected number of buyers. Each user purchased an average of four coupons, instead of the three that Yelmo had set as a target.

“The campaign was a resounding success and far exceeded Yelmo’s expectations”.

All in all, an innovative and creative action, which combined digital product, eCommerce and technological solution, and which reinforced brand awareness, improved user engagement and consolidated social networks as a channel for attracting leads and new customers.