An unique traveller experience.-Engaging through a mix of storytelling and emotion, and a delightful and frictionless user experience.


Yays combines the best of hotel hospitality and independent accommodations in an innovative aparthotel formula rooted in urban sustainability.

Unlock the neighbourhood.

The Yays hospitality concept is based on knowledge-sharing about the local neighbourhood. Through the local knowledge of its Concierges, and by offering guests the Yays Neighbourhood Guides and the Yays Neighbourhood Experiences, Yays aims at connecting travellers to the undiscovered small local businesses that make the Yays neighbourhoods so special.

Promoting the concept of #unlocktheneighbourhood, the brand has invited thousands of guests to feel at home in its turn-key serviced apartments while connecting with the local vibe and feeling like locals.

Reflecting the Yays personality.

Yays brand personality evolved over time to become more and more engaging, unpretentiously stylish, playful and friendly. However, the website was not able to convey this new brand personality. In addition, the user experience showed weaknesses as the user found it difficult to complete the booking process.

Our goal.

Our ambition was to design a digital experience that ‘unlocks the neighbourhood’, captivates the traveller and motivates them to book. Engaging through a mix of storytelling and emotion, and (of course!) a delightful and frictionless user experience.

For that we need the brand, content and website to work seamlessly together.

Getting to know the travellers.

The first step was to understand how the YAYS client travelled, what their needs and problems were. So, our work began with a strategic consulting phase, focused on analysing the competitive environment and the habits of the European traveller.

After that, we started the much needed visual style refresh. To do so, we started working on different shapes, mostly rounded, which together simulated the map that Yays helps you to discover in its places. The colour palette was adjusted to give it a fresher feel and Red Yays was included as the main accent colour.

Not just a booking website.

After the complex brand development process, the only thing missing was applying this new image to the current website and most importantly improving the user experience.

The main UX design goals for the website were:

  • To improve the structure of the website. There were a lot of small pages that gave little information to the user. We wanted to simplify the navigation by removing unnecessary pages.
  • Focusing on content and creating a narrative around the unlocking the neighbourhood theme.
  • Provide an easy way to find and book a stay in YAYS
  • Convey the brand personality, values and business features: premium accommodation in Europe’s most picturesque neighbourhoods, great attention to design and detail, and direct recruitment (no intermediaries).

After all this work done by the Muskae team, a Good Rebels company, the new Yays website breathes in unison with its brand personality, it showcases all the knowledge of Yays with a richer and inspiring content and the booking experience is much smoother and pleasant.

From the start and throughout the project the team was a pleasure to work, very knowledgeable, sharing the same goal and passion for travel. The team was (and is) very responsive and quick to grasp what the YAYS team briefs. It felt during the projects that we were one team; the remote collaboration went very smoothly. Good Rebels was able to work in a small time frame on the rebrand and met all deadlines. We are pleased with the final design of the brand, website, and the user experience!

Femke van der Meer – E-commerce Manager YAYS Group


The outcomes of this project were remarkable: we experienced an overall 20% increase in RevPAR, signalling a robust growth in revenue per available room. Furthermore, we successfully elevated the share of direct revenue versus Online Travel Agencies by an impressive 30%, solidifying our presence and efficiency in sales management.

Overall increase in RevPAR

+ 20%

direct revenue share vs Online Travel Agencies

+ 30%