Inspiring experiences with travel experts.-Generating creative content and campaigns based on travellers' insights

Viajes El Corte Inglés

Viajes El Corte Inglés wanted to increase its brand visibility, and move the experience from its offices to the digital world to offer the best services to its travellers at different touchpoints.

Taking the brand to new destinations.

VECI’s social strategy is built on two main pillars: brand positioning and awareness, on one hand, and driving sales and business, on the other. Both work within a connected ecosystem where customer experience is at the centre, taking part in all stages of the customer journey (desire, consideration, purchase and loyalty) through the different assets and brand advocates.

Strengthening the brand on social networks.

The travel agents who have embraced the role of brand ambassadors are at the heart of our Viajes El Corte Inglés (VECI) project. These professionals, with their in-depth knowledge of the world of tourism and their commitment to excellence in customer service, have become invaluably authentic assets for our strategy. Their voluntary participation in content creation allows us to offer a genuine and expert perspective on the destinations and services we offer, highlighting the internal brand value.

On the other hand, our network of contributors includes content creators who embody the adventurous and passionate spirit of travelling. Known as VECI Travellers, these influencers not only share their unique experiences in destinations around the world, but also engage in ongoing, credible communication.

Finally, we also carry out occasional collaborations with influencers with a wider reach and a larger following. This is done in two ways: by organising trips and experiences that participants then communicate to their audience, thus expanding our presence and reputation in the digital world, and also by engaging in creative branding campaigns, where we generate awareness through like-minded profiles.

Through an “always on strategy” where they maintain exclusivity with the brand, content creators ensure that their content authentically reflects our travel experiences, creating a genuine connection with the audience and becoming loyal VECI advocates.

Boosting the brand through creativity.

Throughout the year, we develop creative campaigns with the aim of refreshing the brand, most notably the Christmas campaign. We identify times of the year when commercial communication is not so predominant, and we use them as opportunities to launch campaigns focused on strengthening the brand’s image.

A great example was ‘’El Viaje que Merecen‘’ (The Trip They Deserve), a campaign that established an emotional connection with users and offered them the opportunity to express their appreciation towards their grandparents, thanks to a contest where they could win the trip they have dreamed of and really deserved.

To encourage participation, we implemented three main strategies: our own communication through content focused on WhatsApp, collaboration with granfluencers (also known as senior influencers) who align with the brand, support the communication of the giveaway, and help represent the campaign’s target audience, and the placement of posters in the centre of Madrid with QR codes to direct users to the dynamic. These strategies ensured the contest success, receiving more than 1,379 messages from users and 286 valid participations via WhatsApp.

Creating business opportunities.

We transformed VECI’s social networks into a dynamic digital platform, where we not only share content, but also offer our services and products directly. From receiving requests for quotes and information to answering questions, our networks become a virtual extension of the VECI office experience, bringing our offering to your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

In addition to managing interactions in a reactive manner, we also adopt a proactive strategy to capture leads through Community Management. We carry out performance campaigns designed to attract potential leads, which are then approached by telephone in order to deepen our understanding of their needs and offer them tailor-made solutions.

We recognise the importance of web traffic as a fundamental component of our strategy. Therefore, social media serves as an additional channel whose main objective is to direct users to the VECI website, thus facilitating the conversion process.

Sky-high results.

The work done for Viajes El Corte Inglés in social media, creativity and business has taken the brand to new destinations. The results speak for themselves: content impressions have reached +327.2 million, 19% more than the previous year. In addition, video views exceeded +60.5 million, an increase of 169%, demonstrating the effectiveness of audiovisual content on social media.

Not only have we improved brand visibility, but we have also boosted its business figures by placing VECI’s social media channels among the top 5 corporate channels that drive the highest web traffic volume. This is not by chance, as year after year we keep improving our data thanks to a strong commitment to analytics and the application of learnings. Specifically, in 2024, we managed to increase the web traffic volume generated by 30% compared to the previous year.

All in all, we continue to support Viajes El Corte Inglés in strengthening its digital strategy and positioning, differentiating it from other travel agencies. In this way, we keep enhancing the brand and the close service that characterises it.