Social launch of the new Aygo



Starting point

The launch of the new Aygo model.


To achieve visibility and notoriety among a target audience that’s increasingly resistant to traditional advertising messages.

What we did


Building a social media pioneer

We have been working with Toyota Spain since 2010. Since then we have developed different projects aligned with their objectives and digital strategy. Focusing on innovation, effectiveness and leadership, we have helped Toyota to lead the social conversation by launching digital creative campaigns as well as strategies designed for consumers on their social platforms. These tactics include creative campaigns, collaborations with influencers, customer experiences as well as all social media communication. We have also participated in the company’s digital transformation with projects aimed at understanding the customer journey and the buyer person by offering customers a better service.

The main objective was to achieve notoriety and popularity for the new Aygo model.

The main objective of the campaign was to achieve notoriety and popularity for the new AYGO model. The second objective was to support and position the Toyota brand’s relationship with its online community.

For the first time, a car could be seduced and won through WhatsApp – the mobile messaging service; people became the content generators of the campaign through their messages to the car via WhatsApp.

“For the first time, a car could be seduced and won over through WhatsApp.”

How could we attract the audience that lives through their smartphones? Very simple; if they don’t come to you, go to them. But where? Where they spend most of their time: WhatsApp. Based on this reasoning, we created #LígateUnAYGO: a campaign inspired by one of the things young people enjoy most – flirting; an innovative idea where they could win a Toyota AYGO.

This hashtag was used to advertise the contest, so that users could flirt with the car through WhatsApp messages, images, audio notes or videos. And if they succeeded, they would win the car.