Building a community united by fashion. -When the brand's fans become its main content creators.


Springfield, a prominent retail fashion brand in Spain, was seeking a partner to strengthen its presence on social media and adjust its tone to better connect with its audience in an increasingly digitised environment.

Modernising the social media strategy of a major brand.

In social media, fashion brands can do more than showcase their products. They have a great opportunity to connect with their audience through inspirational and entertaining content.

Springfield wanted to boost its digital strategy and immerse itself in trends to stand out in a dynamic and competitive market. We helped them redefine their tone, design content that adapted to user preferences, and create a User Generated Content (UGC) initiative within their community: #SpringfieldCreators.

Springfield Creators: Users are the best content creators.

In recent years, User Generated Content (UGC) has emerged as a powerful tool for brands in various sectors. These strategies allow a brand’s followers to create content, becoming authentic and credible voices that share the brand’s message.

Springfield has a long history in the retail fashion industry in Spain, so it already had loyal followers who were delighted to be the face of the brand. But how did this initiative work?

First, we created a form that users could fill out if they were interested in joining the Springfield Creators family. Then, at Good Rebels, we helped the brand select the profiles that best fit Springfield’s image, values, and personality. Once the most compatible profiles for the brand were chosen, we contacted them from Good Rebels to start working together.

User-generated content has many advantages compared to content produced in campaign photoshoots. Brand fans have a greater ability to convey trust and authenticity, humanising the brand on social media.

Refreshing the tone and content.

In the fashion world, brands employ different strategies to connect with their audiences. Some prioritise the product and use social media to strengthen their brand identity and elevate their positioning. Meanwhile, others focus on generating natural and engaging content, similar to what users themselves often share.

In the case of Springfield, the goal was to create more entertaining content that followed the communication style of social media, while still maintaining the brand’s image and personality. In this way, we aimed to create content where the product stands out, but is not the sole focus of attention.

Some of the content themes we used to generate more entertaining content while maintaining the brand’s personality were:

  • Recommendations for places to visit in Spanish cities: During the summer, with the help of Springfield Creators, we created videos inspiring users by recommending places they can explore in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia.
  • Pop culture trends: We joined the cultural phenomenon of the Barbie movie with content referencing the iconic doll. We relied on both the Creators and our internal creative team.
  • Native social media humour: Alongside influencer GR Tamara, we created humorous videos where she interacted with people on the street and engaged in fun activities. This way, we added humour to the content mix and humanised the brand.

Showcase results.

So far, we have worked with over 24 profiles as part of Springfield Creators, and we are continuing to actively seek new content creators to strengthen the community and create UGC that boosts the brand’s credibility.

Overall, the new content strategy focused on humanising the brand and putting entertainment at the centre delivered great results. Numbers speak for themselves. Before we started working on Springfield’s social media, on Instagram, they had a 0.8% ER with their followers and a 4.25% ER from their total reach. By 2023, we managed to increase the figures to 1.37% ER with followers and 6.24% ER from total reach.

Creating a content strategy aligned with current trends and the communication styles of each social network paid off, as initiatives like Springfield Creators have enabled Springfield to connect more with its users and strengthen its community.