Taking employee advocacy to the next level.-Employees as the cornerstone of corporate communication.


We have worked with Repsol to revolutionise its communication with an employee-led social media advocacy programme, growing to more than 300 ambassadors and generating a media value of 2.2 million euros.

New energy at Repsol.

In 2020, Repsol took a strategic shift by launching its first advocacy programme for employees on social networks, moving from a centralised and carefully measured communication strategy to a more open, transparent, honest model that would allow any employee trained through the advocacy programme to talk about Repsol’s vision, mission and work. Senior management supported this risky move, recognising the importance of this initiative for the future of the company.

This change not only implied a cultural evolution, but also the digitalisation of the organisation, turning the programme into a technological platform with “digital spokespeople”, aiming to create a strong community of committed internal ambassadors.


Employee advocacy projects have many technological aspects: proof of concepts, tool and platform selection, digital project return measurement. It’s not the same to have ‘digital spokespeople’ as it is to scale and have a vast, engaged internal ambassador community.

Maximising the impact: launching the #WE programme.

It was indeed a serious challenge. But if the vision was ambitious, so was the team. The activity of digital ambassadors had already been promoted since 2018, but it was in 2020 when the digital maturity was reached that allowed the programme to be launched and other teams to be included among the ambassadors.

Repsol carried out the first internal communications to publicise the programme, as well as launching the participation guides, training, support channels, etc. And a few months later, after seeing the scope and scalability of the project, Good Rebels joined in to help realise the company’s great vision through its own methodology that would guide all the processes and lay a solid foundation on which to take firm steps.

How far have we come together over the years? Initially, we spent six months conceptualising the project, followed by a proof-of-concept phase to make sure we were on the right track. We then spent six months implementing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of the project, involving a select group of ambassadors to test the flows and address any critical points before opening it up to the whole organisation.

The success of the ambassador programme.

After the initial stages, we proceeded with the configuration, production, deployment and stabilisation of the project, working diligently to reach a scaling-up phase. This process has allowed us to build a solid advocacy project that involves various areas of the company and keeps more than 300 ambassadors involved.

So far, the programme has become a national success, exceeding initial expectations with an impact equivalent to an average media value of 2.2 million euros, a success that Repsol and Good Rebels celebrated last June at Campus Repsol with the first #We Awards gala, which recognised the work of the ambassadors most committed to the project during this time.

Our short-term objective is for Repsol’s advocacy project to become a meeting point for the different voices and visions that contribute to the company’s development.

So what’s next?

Yet there is still much to do. We are working on extending the project to Repsol employees in the other countries where the company is present, to make it a reflection of its global character. Around 200 new ambassadors from all over the world will join the project in the coming months; we hope to soon surpass the target of 500 active ambassadors.

We also aim to engage new profiles who, despite not being part of Repsol’s workforce, play a crucial role in its day-to-day operations: suppliers, distributors, intermediaries, and more. This approach will amplify our influence, foster greater credibility, and stimulate authentic conversations rooted in a genuine sense of belonging and shared values.

As for what lies ahead? While that remains to be seen, one thing is certain: our commitment to supporting our ambassadors will persist. We’ll continue to provide them with training, support and, most importantly, compelling reasons to advocate for Repsol, both within and beyond social networks.