Experience wine.-Creating a new commercial brand for Raventós-Codorníu Group.

Grupo Raventós-Codorníu.

Raventós-Codorníu has been making wines for more than five hundred years, being one of the oldest wine companies in the world. The group has fifteen wineries -with Codorníu as its flagship-, bringing together hundreds of brands of wines and cavas. After the 2020 closures, the brand took on the challenge of unifying its different wineries into a single business, with the aim of promoting internationalization.

Understanding the problem.

After the Covid-19 lockdown, Raventós-Codorníu set itself the challenge of developing direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales strategies.

To achieve this, it needed to create a new brand that would centralise the sale of all its products and services through a digital ecosystem, focusing on those that only Raventós-Codorníu, as the producer, could offer: a comprehensive and experiential range of products and services around the world of wineries.

Our action plan.

The Raventós-Codorníu Group has been making wine for more than five hundred years, making it one of the oldest wine companies in the world. The group has fifteen wineries, with Codorníu as its flagship, and brings together hundreds of brands of wines and Cavas.

The new international brand that we were going to develop had to be based on the group’s experience, values and tradition.

Once created, it would be launched through a multi-channel strategy and, finally, it would sell its products and services directly through e-commerce, taking advantage of the changing trends in consumer habits.

Getting to know the wine lovers.

To begin with, we had to get to know the online wine consumer. So, our work began with a strategic consulting phase, focused on analysing the competitive environment and the habits of the online wine consumer.

We discovered that online consumers are much more qualified, curious and loyal than offline consumers: they like to understand what they are drinking, discover unusual wines and know the origin of the wine, they care about the artisanal aspect and craftsmanship of production, and are loyal to their favourite brands.

They are also more open to receiving recommendations based on their tastes, as well as being guided by experts based on their history. They want to know what wines their friends buy and look to enjoy personalised experiences.

These traits were important for subsequently transferring Raventós’ value proposition to the digital environment. When it came to creating a long-term relationship model with customers, adapting the channels, content and conversion funnels to the type of customer, from the anonymous buyer to the premium customer, even more so these traits sat at the forefront.

One identity for five centuries in history.

The second step was to create Raventós-Codorníu Group’s new brand. A brand is much more than a logo, an advertisement or a website. It is a set of values that the consumer associates with the products and services offered, the emotions they project in the consumer’s mind.

To define it, we first had to find and describe its soul and its value proposition. We conducted an analysis that allowed us to define and compile everything that would make this brand unique and different.

First, the brand had to be coherent. In other words, what it was going to express had to align with its tangible and intangible assets that made its business’ value proposition a reality:

  • Producers, not only distributors, which allows the brand to offer differential products and services, such as vertical tastings.
  • Professional and human experience of the team. People committed to the trade and the company, who showcase a real passion for what they do.
  • Managers of their own wineries, which allows them to offer physical experiences in the real world (visits, tastings, catering, etc.).

Then, we identified the brand’s values, its most emotional side, the one that defines its territory and the way it presents itself:

  • A premium and sophisticated brand.
  • Traditional, linked to the land and its people.
  • Sustainable and committed to the environment.
  • Artisanal, and at the same time innovative.
  • Experiential, on and off screen.
  • Human, putting people before technology.

With this information, we defined the brand personality: close to art and culture, sophisticated and urban, modern but respectful of tradition, true to itself, mature but with a young spirit. These traits personalise the brand, facilitating the relationship between the brand and its users.

We could now create the brand idea, the basis for the subsequent construction of its entire world of visual and verbal communication, which would guide the company’s actions in a single direction and meaning.

With one sentence, we summed up why the brand existed and what it could contribute to the world: “Vivir el vino. Amar la tierra. Disfrutar la vida” (“Experience wine. Love the land. Enjoy life”).

Experience wine. Love the land. Enjoy life.

Choosing a name was not easy, but we managed to find the perfect mixture of the brand’s reality, which took into account its Spanish origin and, at the same time, could be understood in an international context: 15 Bodegas.

In terms of its visual identity, we started from three elements that encapsulated and connected with the essence of Raventós-Codorníu: the sophistication inherited from modernism, its long history, and the connection with the raw material. We created a logo inspired by the inscriptions carved on the barrels of the wine cellars, with a modernist and contemporary feel at the same time.

The rest of the visual elements of the brand (typographies, colour palette, graphic and photographic languages, iconography, etc) were designed following the same visual proposal.

E-commerce for wine enthusiasts.

After this complex brand development process, the only thing missing was the crown jewel, the online shop that would allow access to the group’s entire catalogue: 15bodegas.com

We opted for an experiential proposal that would offer users the opportunity to form part of a community where they could live experiences related to Cava and wine, have access to the professionals behind their production and enjoy the history of century-old brands.

To do this, we designed a direct sales website, with a clean, functional and customisable design. The page offers wine lovers a great array of products, with personalised recommendations, just as a sommelier would do in a physical shop or restaurant, with a quick, simple and efficient purchasing process.

In addition, each product is accompanied by a detailed description of its characteristics, origin and production process.

What’s more, we added the possibility of getting to know Raventós-Codorníu wineries in person, completing the digital experience with a physical visit.

Therefore, we developed a project for Raventós-Codorníu aimed at increasing engagement and turning consumers into brand lovers, through D2C and other channels. This whole process has resulted in an increase in organic traffic, as well as the number of leads and conversions, and direct sales from ecommerce. At the same time, it has brought the group greater brand awareness and overall love for the brand.