A perfect match.-Regaining visibility in an international market.


When it comes to wedding dresses, the Spanish company, Pronovia, is one of the best in manufacturing them worldwide. With over 3,800 points of sale around the world and 45 of its stores, it has been a staple in the sector for decades.

Understanding the brand’s needs.

They got in touch with us after months of watching their organic traffic dropping due to their website’s need for online visibility. Because of this situation, they were solely relying on SEM campaigns, costing the company a fortune.

Pronovias needed to recover their position quickly through a series of strategic conversion-oriented keywords, and also to reduce their dependency on paid campaigns. All this, while boosting their growth in different countries: the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

Market analysis and strategic reporting allowed us to optimise SEO efficiently.

Turning the situation around.

We started by conducting a keyword study for the U.S., Spain, Italy, U.K., Germany, and France to detect each market’s particularities (wedding dresses, party dresses, and accessories). We then elaborated a web architecture for all the countries that contemplated the opportunities detected in the study.

Next, we generated strategic quarterly reports. Then analysed the evolution of terms related to price, other brands, designers, fashion trends, etc., such as “wedding dresses with pockets” or “2-piece wedding dresses”.

We also created and optimised more than 270 categories and 250 products for the six countries, working on all pages’ metadata, headers, and contents. We tracked the business objectives through the appointment requests made in all countries and online shopping in those countries where this option was available, obtaining qualified leads.

Finally, we reviewed the technical aspects of SEO in Magento that could be slowing down the online visibility of the website and carried out a linking strategy in specialised media in the three central target countries (United States, Spain, and Italy), intending to improve the positioning of those crucial keywords for the business and very competitive.

After 12 months of working on the SEO of their website in 6 different languages, we managed not only to stop the drop in traffic but also to grow.

Achieving the goal.

After a year of work, the results reflected that we’d achieved Pronovias’ goal. For the three main markets, the results were spectacular:

  • In the US market, we increased the number of quality keywords positioned in the top 20 by 154%, qualified organic traffic by 14%, and the number of qualified leads by 22%. We also achieved 128 links and an average DA of 48.
  • In Spain, we increased the number of quality keywords positioned in the top 20 by 117% and ended the last quarter with organic growth of 5% and a 54% increase in qualified leads. In terms of link building, we achieved 60 links and an average DA of 40.
  • And in Italy, we increased by 45% the number of keywords positioned in the top 20, and we ended the last quarter of the year with an organic growth of 29% and a 1% growth in qualified leads. We also achieved 57 links and an average DA of 40.

In the secondary markets, campaign performance was equally good:

  • In the UK, the increase in quality keywords was 60%, and we slowed the decline in organic traffic to -28% in the last quarter of the year.
  • In Germany, we increased quality keywords in the top 20 by 110%, halted the decline in organic traffic to -5%, and increased qualified leads by 17%.
  • In France, we increased the quality of keywords in the top 20 by 95%, halted the drop in traffic to -9%, and achieved a 14% increase in qualified leads.

Thanks to solid international SEO work adapted to each of its six main markets, Pronovias could understand the target countries’ needs and adapt its digital strategy to their particularities.

Pronovias regained its brand positioning and returned to growth in all major markets.