Celebrations with soul.-Brand strategy, repositioning & design.

Plasencia Cigars.

With over 150 years of history, Plasencia Cigars is one of the largest tobacco producers and cigar manufacturers in the world. It grows over 2000 hectares of the highest quality tobacco from the rich fields of Cuba to the sun-drenched soils of Nicaragua and Honduras. And we have joined their journey, want to know how?

Understanding the problem.

The cigar industry is centuries old, and in the collective imagination it is associated with Cuba, with a distinctly male consumer and a lifestyle associated with success and cliché-laden luxury. But the concept of success and luxury has changed, which means that the category has become obsolete and needs to reinvent itself, adapting to a new reality.

We are also facing a new post-covid scenario that opens up new opportunities and has marked a turning point for two main reasons: confinement has accelerated super-digitisation and has increased the demand for cigars, incorporating new consumers and new consumption patterns.

We face a triple challenge:

  • Revitalise the product by renewing the brand proposal and image.
  • To grow and expand the brand to reach new audiences and new markets.
  • Promote and strengthen the brand’s presence in the digital ecosystem.

New Meanings of Luxury.

The feeling of vulnerability and loss of control over what happens to us changes our priorities and the way we see the world. We consume more consciously and moderately, we question the way we live and we value more what we have, appreciating the small details and the artisanal processes that elevate the product to a work of art. We feel that by taking care of our bodies we are taking care of the planet.

Disconnecting to reconnect with oneself makes wellness a luxury.

We find the soul of the brand in the power of connecting with nature to create unique experiences. The door to a world of reconnection, enjoyment and celebration.

The Language of Tobacco.

During the process we discovered a special connection between the Plasencia family and nature.

The land and the processes they carry out on it are what really matter, they put their 5 senses into understanding it, they listen to it, nurture it, take care of it and respect it to get the best out of it. They put all their soul into it.

They share with nature what it gives them, they are inspired by it to innovate, nature speaks to them, teaches them and makes them improve. Learning every day to be more natural, with more flavour and achieving greater enjoyment.

In Plasencia they don’t sell cigars, they sell the emotions and sensations of the unique flavour and aroma of their land. A unique pleasure.

Hexagon- Nature’s Essential Shape.

We developed a visual identity in which the hexagon, one of the 9 essential shapes of nature considered to be the most efficient, was the connecting thread, resulting in a careful, authentic and modern visual style.

Earth, passion, dedication and the knowledge of 150 years of listening to and learning from nature, manage to give the best organic tobacco in the world, elevating the experience to another level, creating experience to another level, offering unique moments of enjoyment and celebration that engage all our senses and emotions. Light up your soul.