Pepe Jeans: managing a global brand in a multi-country environment


Pepe Jeans

Starting point

A lack of consistency in communication in the different markets for a global brand to solidify the relationship with their customers.


Transferring the values of a global brand to the different markets where it operates while maintaining its own tone, storytelling, style and personality through social media and creativity.

What we did


When managing a global brand, one of the biggest challenges is to preserve their common identity while adapting to the particularities of different local markets. Maintaining a global communication with a consistent tone and style, which transmits the values and image of the brand beyond the borders, and at the same time adapting the message (what we say, how we say it, where we say it) to each local audience, is no easy task. However, it is one of the most effective ways to ensure engagement with our different communities.

Pepe Jeans, a brand associated with the fusion of styles and cultures since its origins in 1973, communicated to us the need to reinforce their global digital strategy. The challenge was to coordinate Pepe Jeans London’s identity and storytelling in the different markets and social channels, establishing a necessary balance between local and global content and creativity to support the business objectives in the chosen markets.

More creativity, more technology, more innovation; these are the elements to play with in order to reinforce the new global strategy, with the ultimate purpose of positioning Pepe Jeans as the aspirational fashion community for young people with a more trendy style.

In search of a recognizable ‘glocal’ identity

When we started working with Pepe Jeans, we were aware that their digital strategy, and its execution, needed a more comprehensive project vision. For example, the content was not adapted locally, so the relationship with the brand’s followers was distant and generated a lack of engagement. In addition, it was key to unify, dynamise and personalise the customer experience through actions that would strengthen the link with the community.

From the beginning of the project, we designed a strategy that would strengthen Pepe Jeans’ digital assets and transform them into much more powerful assets in terms of visual identity and message impact. Spain, Italy, UK, France, Germany and Mexico would be the main markets – but not the only ones – where the brand’s presence would be reinforced.

Research and data analysis allowed us to build target audiences to whom we conveyed our creativities and message by country and target, always maintaining the spirit of Pepe Jeans.

Developing a data-driven strategy

The first step towards building the strategic framework was analysing the way Pepe Jeans communicates through different digital channels (web and social networks). Our general objective was to spread a more homogeneous and powerful message, bringing a single meaning to its brand identity and narrative. Instagram was identified as the most important aspirational channel for the company, the one that would act as the main speaker of its philosophy and spirit, and also the one that would allow for more interaction with consumers to give them prominence.

We then identified Pepe Jeans’ share of voice: what concepts the brand is associated with, how its users value it, how it positions itself against the competition, etc. We established a double objective: to consolidate the presence of the brand in the geographical areas where it was most clearly identified with the product (“denim”, “jeans”), and to work on the values and culture by celebrating the spirit of the brand (associated with concepts such as “Cosmopolitan”, “Music”, “Street Life”) in the territories to be conquered.

Finally, closing the circle of our data-driven analysis, we dove deeper into the definition of Pepe Jeans’ audiences, in order to identify the type of people the message would be directed to. Our international creative and content teams worked on adapting the message to each local market, enhancing the relevance and quality of the message by adjusting the context and timing of the broadcast.

“We began the work of expanding Pepe Jeans’ new identity throughout its social galaxy”.

Expanding the new identity

We thus began the work of expanding Pepe Jeans’ new identity throughout its social galaxy. An identity based on the transmission of the energy and spirit that emanate from urban fashion, supported by a tone that tries to transmit a lifestyle in which values such as freedom, diversity and cultural mix prevail; and a style that refers to the origins of the brand in the London neighbourhood of Portobello, to the culture of street markets and to the fusion with British pop music.

The most innovative action of our work with Pepe Jeans was our Custom Studio campaign: an initiative that merged digital and physical actions, to take the process of customising a garment from Instagram Stories to Pepe Jeans stores in different European cities. A groundbreaking customer experience, which managed to increase both interaction from digital channels and visits to physical stores, and an original idea that was rewarded with a Silver Sun award in 2019.

In short, reinforcing brand identity, increasing content quality, improving positioning and awareness, creating campaigns aligned with company strategies and objectives and breaking down online/offline barriers. This is how we faced and resolved the challenge of designing and executing a global brand identity strategy.


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