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Pepe Jeans

Starting point

A need to transfer Pepe Jeans’ identity to their entire digital ecosystem.


Generating traffic to stores through Instagram with user-generated content

What we did

Social media

Today’s society is so immediate and hyperconnected. Bombarding your audience with mass messages is not good enough if you want to be effective and remembered by potential consumers. Quite the opposite; more and more clients want a personalised shopping experience or product. This is one of the great challenges facing brands. Moreover, one of brands’ main objectives when promoting their products is interaction with the customer, both online and offline. Thus, through personalisation and engagement, we can find a middle ground where advertisers and customers say, “I do.”
This mantra of reinvention has followed Pepe Jeans, an iconic denim brand founded in London in 1973, since its beginnings. Its concept of the garment has constantly evolved, remaining up-to-date with trends. Throughout its history, it has managed to bring a huge number of styles and cultures together under one shared successful aesthetic.

Pepe Jeans wanted to strengthen its global digital strategy. They presented us with the challenge of coordinating and unifying the brand’s storytelling through the different markets and countries where it operates. To this end, we developed a data-driven strategy where we identified the brand’s share of voice, its main audience, and a content and creative strategy in tune with this. Our content-creator team adapted the brand’s message to each local market, boosting relevance and quality by adapting the context and time of broadcast.

Thus, we began expanding Pepe Jeans’ identity all throughout its entire digital ecosystem. But we did not stop there. In its zeal for constant innovation, the brand challenged us to go one step further and launch one of our most innovative campaigns, #CustomStudio, a service that provided its customers with the possibility of personalising their garments with exclusive designs made by the brand’s Custom Artists.

“We were bold in our creative work with a keen awareness of consumer behaviour”.

Notoriety and sales results that ended up being awarded a Silver Sol award in 2019.

However, beyond launching the service, our challenge was to raise visibility for this innovative proposal all while drawing traffic to Pepe Jeans’ network of physical stores in Europe. To surpass its ambitious objectives, we knew we needed to be bold in our creative work with a keen awareness of consumer behaviour to be powerfully effective. And this is how we met the challenge.

#CustomStudio: the personalisation campaign on Instagram Stories

We chose Instagram (IG Stories, to be precise), and no other platform for this campaign. Instagram is the preferred platform for Pepe Jeans’ social objectives, the perfect loudspeaker for the brand’s street-life and cosmopolitan spirit. It allowed us to interact with our consumers to a greater extent. Our goal was to make such a fleeting, yet powerful element as IG Stories transform from a 15-second anecdote into part of unique collections exclusively created by fans. This was quite the challenge, both in technological and creative terms, since it was the first time that a brand brought its IG Stories contents to reality and in real time.

At this point, we got to work. The user is the main character, Pepe Jeans London’s stickers are the medium, and the designed garments are the end result. For a day, Pepe Jeans’ followers became one of our Custom Artists, expert designers who do your in-store personalisation, making the most exclusive and one-of-a-kind garment. Yours. And all this from home, the subway, the pool or even during a Sunday lunch with the family. With a smartphone in hand, you can be a total artist.

To help these young talents, we designed over fifteen stickers to simulate fabrics, buttons, logos and illustrations. We launched two of our most iconic garments in story format (denim jacket and jeans). And we asked users to let their imagination soar. They just had to capture the images of our garments and start creating.

From Berlin to Madrid, through Amsterdam, London, Paris and Barcelona. This is what brought the customer experience up a notch, concluding at each one of these cities with the #CustomStudio event: the day when the winners could make their design a reality, free of charge, and see the actual process. What else can one ask for?

The campaign received 176,000 impressions per day and increased interactions by over 70%. More than 174,000 users were impacted in the first 48 hours, and the gifts and stickers developed for the action reached 4.4 million views. The volume of personalisation grew by 60% during the campaign. As shared by Sergio Rueda, Custom Studio Manager for Pepe Jeans, “transferring the process to the web setting where the customer could design and personalise their denim garment was always the service’s only handicap. Removing this hurdle in such a creative fashion and in the most natural setting for our target audience provided satisfaction twice over.”

Thus, we showed how the consumer’s desire to participate in what their favourite denim brand does can be combined with brands’ need to interact with star customers. The cherry on top was when the campaign won the Silver Sol in 2019. A perfectly-matched result!


Pepe Jeans