MÁSMÓVIL: renewing positioning based on clear communication



Starting point

The need to stand out in an ultra competitive environment already saturated with messages, with a lower budget.


A global communication strategy based on differentiation through simplicity, company values and a different way of communicating.

What we did


In 2014, MÁSMÓVIL had positioned itself as a solid brand in a hugely competitive sector: mobile telephones. This sector is also highly commoditised, with scarce differences in user perception of value. This led operators to focus their deals (and therefore, their communication) almost exclusively on one single factor: the price.

Within this context, MÁSMÓVIL was the eighth operator on the Spanish mobile phone market, emerging as an upcoming challenger to more well-established companies. In order to push its positioning forward, the company reconsidered its communication strategy, turning the message it had been sharing until that point on its head.

Less is more. In communication, too

We began working by studying state of the art in the sector. We listened to consumer opinions, using monitoring techniques to study the high volume of comments online. We studied consumer and website user behaviour. We made a comprehensive benchmark for the competition: what kind of advertising they did, which attributes they highlighted (product, price, network, etc.), how they organized their sales funnel, etc.

“We worked with simplicity as the differentiating message”.

In a complex sector, full of offers, discounts, promotions and darkness, there was room for a clear and simple brand.

What and how should MÁSMÓVIL communicate? On a market overrun with deals, dazing consumers in a maze of rates, gigabytes and phone plans, the main slogan was obvious: work with simplicity as the differentiating message.

The company’s new positioning would showcase how it is different from other operators. The slogans were clear: since we are smaller, we are more in touch with user needs. If others mistreat you, we will treat you right. While others give you phone plans you cannot understand, we will not. This sets us apart from the rest. It makes us rara avis. Yes, #SomosRaros (#We’reWeird).

As explained by Alejandro Di Trolio, creative director of Good Rebels at the time (back then, called Territorio creativo), “This is a complicated sector, crammed with deals, prices, megas, offers, etc. It’s weird to make things easy. It’s weird to develop products and services that are easy to understand and hire. It’s weird to tell people about them in a simple, straightforward and innovative way. It’s weird to have good communication with phone operators.”

We brought new slogans to communication channels

Under this strategy to accompany and communicate the new identity, the Good Rebels creative team transferred the renewed visual design to a brand book, designed to add the company’s new look to all in-house and external formats and media: illustrations, digital advertising, stationary, exterior advertising, etc.

Next, we began filling the digital channels with content, always shaping the messages and visual identity around the new slogans. We sought innovation in advertising formats, as well, participating in Trueview’s betas on YouTube (for which we created a miniseries) and Google Engagement Ads.

We also designed a series of television commercials. They had a clear, simplified message (“1 GB = 5 €”).

As a complement to this creative work, we developed a new attribution model for MÁSMÓVIL that more precisely established which channels impact the consumer before they hire a product. A more precise and reliable conversion model helps to optimise advertising investment, adapting to reality and acknowledging each channel’s actual contribution gaining every client.

As a whole, the project focused on improving communication (simplifying the message to make it close and personal to a consumer most likely overwhelmed with propositions), accompanied by creativity and innovation when launching it on advertising channels. In doing so, we contributed to MÁSMÓVIL’s growth. In just a few short years, it went from eight to fourth place in the ranking for mobile phone operators in Spain.


Pepe Jeans