LG: growing brand relevance through a renewed social media strategy

Starting point

Strengthen the LG brand relevance in social media with new values and attributes.


Developing a social media strategy -with specific goals for each platform- in order to activate all the brand’s reputational levers.

What we did


When communicating in social media, relevance is an attribute all brands should aim for. But what exactly do we mean by relevance? It’s not only about reaching the broadest audience or the highest number of interactions. It’s also about obtaining qualified impressions, reaching the correct target with the content that best fits each stage of their customer journey.

LG needed to boost its relevance in social media, highlighting the points of difference of its brand through a renewed identity. In order to achieve this goal, we worked on a strategy for social media communications that tapped into the UVP of each of LG’s core products. The strategy aimed to improve audience KPIs (reach and engagement) as well as business ones (new leads, qualified traffic).

To design our strategy, we needed to combine three elements: organic reach, viral reach and paid reach. The former arises from the combination of quality content, innovative formats and editorial planning. Virality is achieved through the mix of shareable content, real time and in-depth knowledge of the audience. Finally, promoted campaigns allow the message to reach selected and segmented audiences.

“We combined three elements: organic reach, viral reach and paid reach.”.

Strengthening the recently renewed LG brand identity through a social media strategy based in the brand values.

Analysis strengths and weaknesses of the social communication strategy

Before redesigning the social communication strategy, we analysed the activity and performance of LG’s organic content in all social media platforms in order to detect the main needs of the brand and define our lines of action.

We spotted three main areas for improvement. First, enhancing the messages that highlighted the brand’s values. Then, increasing the amount and reach of paid campaigns. Finally, designing a specific strategy for each of LG’s business units and social media platforms (mostly Instagram and Youtube).

However, we also identified relevant aspects that we could leverage on, such as LG’s alliance policy, high-quality content, and trust-inspiring, convenient tone of voice.

After this first examination of the Brand, we started to be more clear about the pillars on which we would build LG’s new social strategy: clearly defined objectives for each social platform, tapping into the peculiarities of each of them in order to realise the full potential of the content; paid media campaigns to increase the reach and engagement of publications; collaborations with allies, strengthening the ones already in place; and quality improvement of the creativities, introducing features that defined the brand’s personality.

All these lines of actions were deployed over various campaigns that took place during the two years we have worked with LG. A two-year collaboration with the brand that can be summarised in activations such as the following:

Mobile World Congress 2019

We communicated LG’s attendance to MWC 2019, while tapping into the buzz generated by the international event to give visibility to the most disruptive launches of the year.

We worked on brand visibility via influencer posts on Instagram Stories and owned content on three social platforms. We measured engagement through video views, likes, comments, and shares.

Goya Awards

Sponsoring the Goya Awards ceremony allowed us to strengthen the relationship between LG’s TV devices OLED and the film universe. We developed specific content in three social platforms that reached 7 million impressions.

Smart Green

Our aim was to convey LG’s environmental commitment, not only with regards to their ecoefficient products, but also their social action. We launched awareness campaigns such as #UnaPersonaunÁrbol (One person, one tree) and we developed a manifesto with the principles for corporate ecologic commitment.

In short, we planned and developed a set of social media actions for LG, each having different features depending on the platform, but all aiming at strengthening LG’s renewed digital identity in the minds of consumers, always remaining loyal to the brand’s values and developing quality content.



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