Lexus: creating innovative customer experiences



Starting point

Using private messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger to increase sales in premium automotive.


We designed and piloted a unique Messenger bot that supported car buyers along the purchase journey, and increased test drive bookings.

What we did

Social media
Customer experience

Since 2016 Good Rebels has worked with Lexus Europe on digital and social media strategy, in particular we are tasked with helping the brand understand how changes in digital technology and behaviour affect the on and offline purchase journey.

In late 2018, Lexus challenged Good Rebels to increase test drive bookings by creating a tailored online experience that increased the number of test drives and in turn, sales.

Test drives are a vital part of the car buying journey, now more than ever. A few years ago a buyer would test drive 2 or 3 cars before marking a purchase. Today the majority of research and evaluation is online, and the buyer will test drive just 1 car to validate their decision.

To shorten the test drive booking journey we designed a Messenger bot to enable customers to book a test drive with their local Lexus dealership without leaving the Messenger ecosystem. Featuring a seamless experience taking users on a journey from awareness to consideration, giving them the freedom to explore the Lexus SUV range before choosing to book a test drive. By tailoring the content to user needs and allowing them to navigate their own way through the bot, provide buyers with the most relevant information and choices, and shorten the journey to test drive.

The pilot delivered a 6x increase in the conversion rate vs. traditional digital journeys.

We rolled out the bot in two stages. Initially, we ran a 3-month pilot involving 3 Lexus dealerships in the Greater London area. The bot was supported by a geo-targeted ad campaign, targeting Lexus affinity audiences and those new to the Lexus brand.

The pilot delivered a 6x increase in the conversion rate of test drive bookings vs. traditional digital journeys and 30% of the traffic to the bot was new to Lexus, representing a conquest audience that was exploring the Lexus range for the first time. Following the success of the initial pilot, we rolled out the bot to all 45 Lexus dealerships across the UK.

Through the development of the bot, we were able to create a unique experience that allowed users to make the decision to get behind the wheel of a Lexus without ever leaving Messenger.