Looking for new opportunities.-From corporate website to transactional eCommerce.

General Óptica

General Óptica is one of the top companies in the Spanish optical sector and a reference in Portugal. Until 2019, the brand only had an online catalog, with no chance of online sales. But everything changed when we helped them with two objectives: to change its web strategy and create an online store.

Needing a change.

In 2019, General Óptica only had a corporate page with a catalog but no chance of direct sales. To improve their online presence, they needed to migrate their website to eCommerce and reorient their SEO positioning towards clearly transactional keywords.

It was a complex and delicate process, in which it was important to constantly monitor the situation to avoid substantial drops in traffic, ranking, authority, indexing, and keyword positioning.

By working on SEO positioning, we achieved great conversion-oriented organic traffic results for General Óptica’s new digital store.

We came into the picture.

Between 2019 and 2020, we worked side by side with General Óptica on this process. We started with creating a keyword analysis for eCommerce (eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, and hearing aids) and optimised the onsite of the digital store (categories and products).

Next, we analysed General Óptica’s five main competitors, focusing on these main parameters: organic visibility, onsite optimization, web architecture, navigation and content.

With the results in hand, we developed our optimisation proposal for web architecture, navigation, and content structure (category, product, and corporate landing pages).

Reorienting the SEO positioning.

Then, we started working on the SEO migration, the process by which we were going to pass all the ranking, authority, and indexing signals from General Óptica’s corporate website to the new eCommerce without losing visibility, traffic, or positioning in Google or other search engines.

At the same time, we worked on developing a 360º SEO strategy that would position the new website, especially the store, increase traffic and increase conversion in the main KPIs of the business. While at the same time, all of this is organic.

Our work on the SEO migration ensured that the brand did not lose visibility, traffic, or positioning when moving to its new website.

Results at a glance.

After performing the migration and implementing the new SEO strategy, the results confirmed that the action had been a success:

  • Organic traffic increased by 7.3%.
  • The increase in conversions was 203%.
  • And we also achieved a massive increase in keywords positioned in the main eCommerce categories: 68% in the sunglasses category, 53% in prescription glasses, and 3% in contact lenses.

With all of this, we offered the client a new direct sales channel and the possibility of offering its customers a digital consumer experience adapted to their needs and the new market reality.