Connection at first sight between engagement and visual health.-Sharing knowledge about visual health through our #ÓpticosExpertos and turning it into digital entertainment.

General Optica.

We have helped General Optica connect with their target audiences and strengthen their brand positioning in visual health through content activations, engagement, and creativity on social media and their wider digital ecosystem, multiplying the brand impressions by +629% in the first 3 years of collaboration.

Experts in visual health as a differential factor.

General Optica seeks to find its own voice on social media and tell a unique story. In a context where most optical brands firmly establish themselves in the fashion and design of glasses, General Optica positions itself as an expert in visual health, becoming the leading optician that takes care of sight, addressing both the visual and aesthetic needs of its customers, and adopting a humorous tone that brings it closer to the needs and issues of its key audiences.

Objectives in sight.

Faced with this challenge of positioning and digital identity, four main objectives were identified to focus on with the digital strategy:

  1. Position the brand as an expert in Health in the social media landscape: At General Optica, they are experts in visual and auditory health, and care about their customers. Now is the time to also convey this expertise in social media!
  2. Rejuvenate the target audience and reach new audiences: Being able to attract not only familiar and mature audiences, but also a younger target audience and connect with them.
  3. Generate engagement with the community: Engaging with the current community and attracting new brand followers, fostering conversation and a sense of belonging.
  4. Create a closer brand identity: Developing a positioning centred on the brand’s territories but with a friendly tone so that the user experiences the same closeness and customer care that exists in physical stores.

General Optica has the opportunity to differentiate itself from other brands in the sector by focusing on Health, without neglecting the part closely linked to fashion and engagement through humour.

Social media: A glance at our content.

In order to better connect with our audience, we conducted an analysis of the brand’s tone and explored how to adapt it to a fresher and more current tone that would resonate with the audience and make them feel part of a community. Once we established a brand tone, we decided how to adapt that tone to the different content pillars, ensuring the brand voice remained consistent regardless of the type of content.

The pillars we defined are:

1. Product.

From conducting exclusive shoots with models and products to collaborating with an influencer, Mariona Casas, we have been developing various strategies to continue communicating the brand’s products. Additionally, during this time, we have also explored various formats such as static images, stop-motion, GIFs and videos, always respecting the brand’s look & feel.

2. Engagement.

In a time when social media has become ubiquitous and the amount of content can be overwhelming, we have placed great emphasis on creating a content pillar that requires user engagement, fostering a relationship that goes beyond easy ‘likes’. Through word games, crossword puzzles, memes, and other interactive formats, we have succeeded in generating conversation around the brand beyond promotions, increasing interactions by 870% in 3 years.

3. Visual Health.

To position the brand in the field of health, it has been important to develop a solid content pillar related to visual health, which has evolved over the years. From creating a fictional character, Naira, who educates on visual health topics in an informative manner, to involving the brand’s own opticians, we have managed to create a solid pillar that invites our followers to learn more about their vision in a personal, participatory, and straightforward way.

4. Mais Optica.

Once the key content pillars for the brand strategy were defined, we faced another challenge: adapting them to the environment of Portugal, where General Optica (known there as Mais Optica) has a presence as an emerging brand for young people.

To achieve this, we have not only replicated the content but also adapted it to local needs in order to achieve better positioning. Our goal is to create more local, dynamic, and differentiated content in the coming years.

But how could we continue talking about visual health and expand our brand recall further? Quite simple: By creating the first podcast about visual health in the sector.

Ojipláticos: the first podcast about visual health.

In 2023, the first season of this new adventure, ‘Ojipláticos’ was launched, where our host, Luis Piedrahita, along with the brand’s opticians, discussed everyday stories with a touch of humour that occur within optical clinics. In the first 6 months of its release, the project managed to reach over 18 million people, generating 2.5 million streams on streaming platforms. Beyond the dedicated platforms for this podcast, such as Spotify and ivoox, this content has also been utilised on our other channels in the form of short clips.

We humanise the brand through our #OpticosExpertos.

Generating content about visual health has been key to building credibility and relevance regarding the brand’s knowledge and expertise. Over the course of 3 years and across 4 shooting blocks, more than 100 pieces of content about visual health have been created in collaboration with General Optica’s #OpticosExpertos.

The content uploaded on the brand’s YouTube channel has generated over 4 million views. The success achieved on YouTube has led to the transfer of content to Instagram and Facebook profiles in the form of summary/teaser clips of longer content, thus giving voice and prominence to the expert opticians across platforms.

Influencers: Keep an eye out for collaborations.

Faced with the challenge of reaching and connecting with the younger audiences of General Optica’s target demographic, we proposed creative campaigns to be developed with humorous influencers, aiming to generate brand awareness and engagement with Generation Z and Millennials.

This association with comedic influencers has over time become an identifying attribute of the brand and a point of differentiation from the competition, generating anecdotes and humour around visual health with expert comedians such as Ana Morgade or Esperansa Grasia.

And now what?

In the first 3 years of collaboration, we have redefined the brand’s tone, unified its visual expression on social media, and positioned the brand in the field of visual health and humour through branded content. This has been our starting point.

Our collaboration and commitment continue to evolve, further deepening and building on the various initiatives developed, providing them with ongoing content and continuity.

Thanks to this project, we have learned the importance of adapting to a changing environment, where finding the balance between health and humour, although challenging, can result in content that is personal, educational, and entertaining.