#DiversityHunger.-Celebrating diversity with Domino's Pizza.

Domino's Pizza

When we started working with Domino’s in 2019, they gave us the challenge of adapting their tone to a radically different generation target. To succeed among this audience it’s
unthinkable to remain silent in the face of current social movements, so the communication strategy and style had to encompass all digital assets (social media, SEM, display, and web) reflecting their values and concerns.

Choosing sides: the role of brands in the face of social movements.

New generations are becoming increasingly aware of social issues, such as climate change, women’s rights, or the demands of the LGTBI+ community.

This awareness is extremely crucial when it comes to their relationship with brands: centennials and millennials will not allow companies to look the other way and ignore their demands. They want them to get involved, to demonstrate their commitment to progress.

That’s why there’s no room in today’s marketplace for brands without a purpose. Brands that take sides and position themselves in certain social spheres are the ones that achieve relevance in a context of information and choice overload.

Working the emotional elements of branding, in parallel with all the rational advantages of products or services, gives consumers additional reasons to choose one option over all others.

Before pitching anything to Domino’s, we always ask ourselves what we are going to propose challenges the brand or not. #DiversityHunger certainly was.

#DiversityHunger: Domino’s celebrates diversity

Here’s the context, Pride 2019 arrived: a celebration that gives visibility to the fight for the rights of a community with more and more representation.

So, we worked together with Domino’s Pizza to continue building its brand positioning and commitment, carrying out a creative action in which everyone was invited to feel free to choose what they want, under the slogan of #DiversityHunger.

We started the campaign with a call for diversity under the claim: “Whatever you like, at Domino’s we are proud that you can choose“, a creative umbrella under which we invited our main competitors to celebrate diversity and the power of choice.

So, we started direct conversations with the brand’s main competitors through social networks (Telepizza, Papa John’s, Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC and Taco Bell), to get them to join the #DiversityHunger, inviting them to try our products and sending them to their offices. Some of them even replied to us by sending their products to Domino’s Pizza offices.

But tempting the competition with Domino’s products was not the only action we carried out during Pride week. The campaign was supported by other levers. That’s why we launched collaborations with influencers, contests and promotional videos. And we even wallpapered the city of Madrid with the main messages of the campaign, inviting everyone to celebrate diversity.


Through the #DiversityHunger concept we also wanted to highlight that, at a time when division and intolerance are the order of the day, there is no better way to demonstrate the value of diversity than by promoting our competitors.

Historic results

#DiversityHunger achieved exceptional coverage with a small investment. Its impact reached an estimated audience of over 6 million people, achieving 740K video views and 31.6K interactions.

The communication of a message with a clear social positioning, its provocative character and successful actions directed to the target were the keys to success.

The campaign managed to unite traditionally opposing brands, such as Telepizza. The fact that their social profiles published a post with Domino’s Pizza products, and vice versa, is undoubtedly a historic milestone.

Bye bye haters

Even though more and more people support social causes, there’s still a part of the population that resists change and did not share the values of the initiative launched by Domino’s Pizza.

That is why in 2021 we set out to demonstrate that the results of our actions always speak louder than the haters. Thus was born “Hasta Nunca, Haters” (Bye Bye Haters), a campaign that turned every hateful comment into a donation for the Spanish LGBTIQ+ Federation.

In just over a week, the campaign obtained more than 2 million impacts on social networks (not including outdoor advertising impacts), surpassing the performance and engagement of the average Domino’s account posts.

This brave initiative showed once again that if a brand is capable of being true to its values while responding to society’s demands, success is guaranteed.

Back at it again

In 2022, the Good Rebels creative team decided to propose a new challenge to Domino’s Pizza. Within the LGBTQ+ community, the trans community remains one of the most discriminated against today, with severe rates of unemployment, violence and health problems.

To contribute to their inclusion and enhance Domino’s role as a company that supports diversity of all kinds, we proposed a new trans-focused campaign, #DiversityHunger: Revealed.

For several weeks, trans people were the stars of Domino’s Pizza’s Instagram. But we didn’t say anything. 16 posts were posted with more than 2.5 million hits and 17K comments in which none were negative.

Finally, when the day of Trans Visibility arrived, we published a video in which our protagonists unveiled what we had been doing during the last weeks and the goal of it all: to show that it’s okay if a person is trans or not, because when we stop giving so much importance to labels, prejudices disappear.

During the following days, we continued to share videos and posts in which our protagonists told their own experiences, as a way to raise awareness about the situations that trans people still have to face.

The campaign achieved almost 1.5 million impacts, generated 195% more conversation and multiplied positive sentiment 7 times. But the project had an immeasurable impact, as it transcended the screens with a donation to the NGO Transexual.

With this initiative, which demonstrates Domino’s Pizza’s commitment, we managed to open many mouths and close others. The risky creative proposal was awarded a silver medal at the CDEC awards. The perfect icing on the cake for an initiative that perfectly embodies our understanding of advertising.

When the commitment is real, brand activism works.

The value of brand activism

#DiversityHunger demonstrates how brand activism works, captivating potential customers by improving a company’s image and positioning.

Consumers are looking for truly revolutionary brands capable of defending their ideals and values to the hilt; brands that differentiate themselves by the positive social impact they generate in their environment and not only by the quality and price of their products. Additionally, if they also do so with a strong creative concept, bold and provocative activations that catch their attention, success is assured.